June 8, 2017

Get Active & Be Stylish With Jonlivia Lifestyle Club (JLC)

Jonlivia is making a big step to assure everyone can get into fitness and be stylish (Jonlivia aims) at the same time. To know more about Jonlivia Lifestyle Club (JLC) details, make sure to click more!

Customer keep coming in for Jonlivia!

I'm so proud and excited when I get to step into Jonlivia physical store that located at SS2, Petaling Jaya (Beside Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant). Why? Because I really want to feel all the material of their sportswear and of course the famous hot pants! (Shout out to Ida Baharum for giving me the opportunity!)

To show how excited I was, I stayed there until 3 PM (the event start at 10.30 AM). In that amount of time I get to feel, try and shop at the store. The funny thing is, I even wear the hot pants from just trying out until I drove back home (the pants is so good!).

Besides shopping, this premises is going to be a multi-function fitness studio. The list of classes such as flying yoga, Zumba, TRX and many more (its something that you do not want to miss) will be held here!
Flying Yoga demonstration at Jonlivia. Fascinating!
Sounds tempting right? So, how to be part of all this activities? Here is the catch:
  • FREE SIGN UP as Jonlivia Lifestyle club (JLC) Member at jonlivia.com
  • Spend RM500 worth of Jonlivia's products, to be part of JLC Exclusive member. This include first two month of FREE ACCESS of all of the classes mentioned above.
Jonlivia activewear for Mens and Woman at their physical store, SS2 PJ.
All I can say is, you will gain a tons of benefits when you sign up to be part of JLC Member, such as:
  • Collect points on all purchases made at stores & online.
  • Collect points as you lose your kilos/pounds (Based on BMI Standard)
  • Redeem points on a wide range of active lifestyle products
  • Be the first to be informed about new product releases, exclusive events and celebrity visits and get to attend them.
  • Received tailored promotional offers based on purchased preferences.
  • Privileges will include discounts, promotion, offers and special incentives that are only available to members of JLC Club
  • Move up the membership tier and get rewarded even more.
Be Sporty & Stylish at the same time, that's Jonlivia is all about.
Phew, that was a lot of benefit they have there. By the way, I already sign up to get my hand on all the goodies and I can't wait to get fit again! 

It was absolutely great to be part of the launch of Malaysia's first activewear lifestyle club on 25th May 2017, because I get to know more about the owner which is Jon and Olivia, whom shared about their passion in active lifestyle. And I just realised that, the symbol of 'L' is actually a squirrel that represent a speed, wit and performance.

So, what are you waiting for? You can be part of Jonlivia too, because
it's all about style, performance and about YOU!

For more information, visit Jonlivia on:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

This is the hot pants that I'm talking about! 
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