June 6, 2017

Iftar With My Blogger Friends at Klang Parade

It's nearly 7 month since I started being a blogger, which made me a newbie in this field. That's also mean that I have met a tons of bloggers that I called them as a friend. So, we decided (Syafiera Yamin, Leya, Otomen & Reef) to Iftar together at Klang Parade on the first week of Ramadhan!

Most of them live nearby here at Klang if I'm not mistaken, so we decided to come here to Iftar because its convenient plus most of them just got back from work. As you all might now, I have been spending one whole day at Klang Parade few month before, so to know more about and what you can do at this mall , just click here.

Back to the story, I went to Klang Parade with Reef, wait him at KTM and thankfully we arrived just in time for Iftar. So, we rushed to each of the stall and make a quick decision what to eat.

I ordered rice with butter squid (RM 7.90) and mix vegetables (RM6.50) at this stall called Portuguese Kitchen. Then, I went to get some drinks, which of course my favourite fresh mix fruit juice 'Immono Kick' (mix of Orange, Apple & Carrot) and bottled mineral bottle. 

My favourite drinks at Klang Parade, Fresh Mix Fruit Juice!
My balanced food for Iftar :p
It took quite some time to received my order since I ordered few minutes before Maghrib and I am really really hungry. And I think I made a mistake on ordering this dishes from the stall. Why? Because the squid and the vegetables are not fresh, I can taste how springy it was the squid and the gravy is too much.

I'm really frustrated and decided to tried Reef food. I only ate the cheesy wedges by the way! Since his main meal is the one on the left. Reef dishes is my saviour on that day because it was so good. He get this from a stall called 'Western Food' by Chef Mios.

Reef choices of that day!
He bought both of that from here, I recommend this stall to everyone who want to eat western food!
To get rid of my frustration, I finished my 'Immuno Kick' drink and ordered another fresh mix fruit juice 'Smooth Operator', I already tried this on my last visit and it just stuck in my mind. By the way, it contained Guava, Pineapple, Celery and Orange.

Happy Aqalili getting to drink TWO fresh mix fruit juice from Klang Parade!
From left: Syafiera Yamin, Leya, Otomen, Me & Reef
So, night is calling we decided to go back home! But, my intention is divert because I can see all the shopping area and I thought it was a good time to revisit Next Ladies (located on Level 1 beside APT) to see some new design, who know I could shop for Raya?

Before I end this post, just want you to know that Klang Parade would like to celebrate Raya with you wonderful human! Warna Warni Aidilfti will be celebrated on the month of June, and you can check this poster for complete information.

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