January 24, 2017

Its Too Real with VR Lab

Forget cinema and karaoke, I have found another great alternative for you guys to hangout and even work out a little bit.

Established in 2016, VR Lab Malaysia is the first ever to provide a room-scale virtual technology in the country. It provides you with a highly interactive and immersive experience. 

With full body movement detection sensors, room and space for you to move around, five into three-dimensional 360 degree environment!

Its too real with all the equipment that they have in the store, which made them as the biggest HTC Vive virtual reality experience chain.

As for the price range, I think its worth it when you come with a group of friends, and enjoy all the games that they have in the lab itself.

By the way, this is not the only branch that they have in Malaysia, you can also visit their outlets at:

  • SS15 (+603 5611 2588)
  • SS2 (+603 7862 0570)
  • Sunway (+6016 396 3398)
  • Wangsa Maju (+6017 299 8464)
  • Kepong Menjalara (+6018 201 5703)
  • Kota Damansara (+6010 936 6328)
  • Publika (+6017 687 5227)

Easy right? Their Single VIP Room can fit FOUR person only. But, if you want it to be comfortable or planning to bring more than FOUR friends, I advice you to make a reservation call for Twin VIP Room (due to availability).

Price List of VR Lab Malaysia
They have like almost 100 games if I'm not mistaken, and it consist of sports, family, horror and many more.

I got to play around FOUR to FIVE games, and mostly either I die too early or it just too scary for me to bear with. 

Understand me here, its was too real when the zombie in Brookhaven Experiment attack me in front of my eye. I feel like I was in that real situation, but thank god it was all just a game. It goes the same to Blue Effect, like why I even think to play this game, it was too scary. 

I also got to play a 'kid' game where, there is no horror and zombie clown and so on. (I feel so safe). But, I feel like working out when I play Thrill of the Fight. This is where I get to knockdown and boxing with the fighter. 

If you want to dive in into the visual, play video below:

Honestly, this is my first time ever experienced virtual reality, and it was a pleasant things, despite that scary zombie haunted me for a while. 

I'm pretty sure I will come back again with my friends and play a bunch of games. Who knows, we might get into some healthy competition like this game 'Dig 4 Destruction' below, where us bloggers play with each other.

Single VIP Room

You know what, VR Lab have Chinese New Year promotion until 31st January 2016! They also cater to big gatherings and events such as birthdays and private functions. Don't forget to visit and explore with VR Lab! 

For more information for collaborations/corporate events/private events, visit http://www.vrlab.my or their Facebook, by click here.

Before I ended this post, enjoy watching this video!

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  1. Oh yes. This is gonna be the next hangout place for m friends and I. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Seriously looks so fun and real when you play with VR! Now we can simply visit VR Lab for more VR experience =D

  3. best jer! glad that you had fun!