January 16, 2017

Go Loco with Thai Coconut Products!

Another fun fact about me, I love COCONUT water and I can finished few bottles for a day. That's why I decided to attend 'Launch of Blanc Coco Sparkling Water, Thai Coco Coconut Milk Beverages and Snacks', last week.

Thai Coconut Public Company Limited is in the business of coconuts and coconut products that are exported all over the world. For the past four years, they have been planting the best kind of coconuts (the Nam Hom), grown in the Ratchaburi Province in Thailand.

Therefore, all of their products are using Nam Hom, which delivers a unique fragrant aroma, and cannot be found in other species of coconuts.

Range of Thai Coco Products

Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Water

There are 4 flavours in the range such as Natural Flavour, Mango & Pineapple, Lemonade and Pomegranate. This sparkling coconut water is retailed at RM 7.50 per bottle (275 ml).

The best thing about this product are, Never From ConcentrateOnly 22 KCAL Per BottleNo Preservative, No Sugar Added100% Coconut Co2 InjectionZero Fat Zero Cholesterol. To be exact, it is All Natural.

With all the good stuff in the bottle, somehow it's all about the taste.
I get to have a sip of the Natural Flavour at the event and personally I prefer this taste apart from the coconut milk one.

It is not overwhelming, it doesn't taste sweet as much as other sparkling water does, and doesn't taste weird for me. You must have thought that 'ahh, this combination of coconut and sparkling water. Are they going to taste good?'. Yup, they actually are, for natural flavour.

But, at first it will taste like medicine, a cough medicine to be exact. The aftertaste was okay, and it was not too overwhelm.

They didn't serve us with another three flavour, but anyhow it looks promising. For more information, visit http://www.theblanccoco.com.

Some of the Thai Coco product sample that we got to taste.
Coconut Chips

There are 4 flavours as Spicy Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Original and Yoghurt.

Again, we get our hand only on original flavour. 
The chips was so addictive to eat, once you bite into it you will keep eating it. 
Plus, I don't feel guilty because they made from natural coconut and usually, chips are made by frying but for they dried it. 
Due to that, the texture and crispiness of the chips are just so good.

Coconut Milk Beverages

This product are available in few flavours such as, Durian, Chocolate, Coffee, Mango, Melon and Original. It is retailed at RM4.00 per bottle (280 ml).

Original flavour could not go wrong in every situation. During this event, they mix around the flavour, like Rose and Melon and it ruined the melon taste because rose is too overwhelming. But, there are also mixture that I love which Chocolate and Coffee, because it taste like Mocha.

Unforgettable sample testing is on Durian. No offence, I love Durian but for me the taste and smell are just too strong, and quite sweet too. Not favour of this one, but I suggest you guys to taste it first.

Overall, it was a good experienced, great innovation and lot's of variety of products. I would like to recommend you to try the sparkling water because it's something different, chips for like daily consuming, the milk beverages and also roasted coconut bar.

All of this product will be available in hypermarket/supermarket SOON, but you can get your hand on this product  at online platform such as Big Box Asia, by just click here. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Last but not least, let's end this with video that were made by freelance videographer 
(ig: azizulmst0).

For more information about Thai Coco products, click here.

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