January 27, 2017

Crab Factory: Seafood Galore!

Tired of your typical daily food? Get dirty with Southern American seafood boils at Crab Factory. Before I start the review, let's emerged into the seafood goodness by click this video below:

The place is quite spacey, but limited. Suitable for group of people who just want to share the same love for foods. It was first time that I get to eat with my fellow bloggers, and it was fun and for me, I do enjoy the time that we spend doing the same thing that we love, which is eating!

You guys already watch the video right? I'm pretty sure you guys wondering, what is that? and how it taste? and most importantly, how much was it?. So, let's start!

Seafood Set Meat Crab

This one is full of wonder because look at that mix of seafood, and the moment I bite, it taste fresh and  yummy. Actually, you can pick the level of hotness on this set, and thank god they pick mild for us, because it have that hot sensation. 

For the price of RM 175, if you share with a bunch of friends, it's worth it. 

Creamy Lemak Meat Crab

At the end of the feast, I ask other blogger which one is their favourite of all, all of them include myself pick this one up. I know guys, Malaysian are still Malaysian, we can't forget our masak lemak. But this one it's really creamy, I like this because it taste like they put cheese in that, and it was lovely taste in my mouth.

For this set, they have TWO meat crab, add on sausages (RM 5.90), so the total is RM 125.90 (include the sausages). Please try this and let me know if you love this too!

Yabbies Spicy Plum

Spicy plum taste like sweet and sour because of the plum in it. It was pleasant, I love this sauce when I dipped it with their mini man tao. For RM83 with this 500 gram (g) of Yabbies, give it a try!

Prawn Garlic Butter

I was like gonna say this, but among all, this is my least favourite but not because it does not taste good, it is but once I get to taste that masak lemak, I can't find anything that will top that chart. Their prawn look fresh and it taste fresh too and it suit the name, because you get to taste that garlic-ness. 

Again with 500 g, this set is RM55 only and you eat this for like TWO to THREE people if you have small appetite. But, for me, I can eat and ratah by myself and also ate this with rice.

Octopus Thai Sambal

This one is actually much more spicier than the mild seafood set meat crab and look at that healthy big octopus. If I have a list of my favourite, this will be the second one. The taste it just lovely, and I like spicy food even though I can't handle it very well.

As for the price, RM 33 for 500 g, what more can you ask for?

Side Dishes
Well, it does not end there. They also provide us a side dishes, which is Fried Mini Mantao, Shallot Rice and Garlic Fried Chicken Wings. 

I like Man Tao bun, and its great they give us this because it gave us option and to variety the way we wanted to eat the seafood bag. I can taste this with that sauce, and this sauce and so on.

But, I have to say that shallot rice and the fried chicken are just normal, it does not have that special taste to it. But, if you are a person that can't live without rice (like me), they have white rice as well.

Fried Mini Man Tao - RM 9.90
Shallot Rice: RM 5.00
Garlic Fried Chicken: RM 18.90
Overall, I am very satisfied the moment I walk out from Crab Factory. It was such an experienced! I can't thank enough that they cooked delicious seafood bag and for you guys who wanted to try this, I recommend it, let me know how it was.

Last but not least, below are the menu that they have in the store!

Visit Crab Factory at
21, Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

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  1. The seafood looks so yummylicious. Unfortunately, I have to refrain as I can't stomach crabs. I will get tummy ache! Too bad.

  2. Omg... I am craving for crab and seafood. Might want to try out this place soon.

  3. this looks so mouth watering and I cannot help it as I have a particular weakness for seafood... must go check it out....

  4. Semua crab's menu nampak sedap. Mana yang paling sedap? Boleh cuba nanti.