December 3, 2017 Singapore

6 Halal Food in Singapore You Should Give A Try!

Last October, I went to Singapore for second time and this time it's my first work trip ever! I know I'm not supposed to be excited about the work trip part but I can't hide my feeling here. Finding halal food is actually part of my work so, make sure to read more for 6 Halal Food in Singapore That You Should Try!

Classy phrase from All In
Right now I'm working as a Content Marketing for 'Halal Navi' apps. It's similar what I used to do during my 8 month of being full time blogger: updating social media, writing and etc. 

The only differences are I have a subject to focus on: food & traveling. It's a must to roaming around Singapore at that time, and looking for Halal food to update or review on our apps.

Well, it's actually new thing for me to get in depth with an apps. Therefore, I'm really appreciate this opportunity and going to do the best that I can provide you a Halal food eateries on my personal blog. 

1. Chef Ibu

Some of the dishes at Chef Ibu, Lavender.

If you missed your mother's cooking at your hometown, this is absolutely going to be your first choices in hand. I like how all the dishes is on display and waiting to be served. I ordered a rice, some vegetables & fish dishes which cost me a SGD6.30. 

I don't recommend you to convert but all I can say with the full amount of rice and dishes that I get was just too amazing. It was a full packed of polystyrene and taste absolutely good like my own mom cooked.

Unfortunately, I forget to take picture of my own food because I was too hungry at that time. Everything was safe and sound in my stomach. 😁

For more info: Chef Ibu
Address: 70 Jellicoe Rd, Singapore
Opening Hours: -
How to get there: Take MRT to Lavender Station and it's near V Lavender Hotel.

2. All In . . .

Welcome to All In!

After a full meal from Chef Ibu, it's time to quench some thirst with fresh made juices from All in. Located at tons of food spot Bali Lane, I'm pretty sure you can saw the store at the staring point of the road.

Some of the juices you can get from the store.
Besides juices, they also have a various type of coffee, ice cream and some fresh made pastries. The best part is they have a Happy Hour for Weekdays (Monday - Thursday) for certain menu.

I get myself a fresh watermelon juice for SGD 3.50 after a long walk of food hunt around the lane.

For more info: All In
Address: 660 North Bridge Road, Singapore
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 11 PM (Mon - Sun)
How to get there: Take MRT to Bugis Station and 5 minute walk to Bali Lane

3. Wok Hey

Wuut wutt Wok Hey!

Claimed to be master of fry, this store that located at one of Singapore shopping mall: Bugis Junction attract tons of people with their live cooking action.

During our visit to this store, there are tons of people surrounding the place either to ordered or just watching the workers actions. Their menu is simple and compact because it's either a fried rice or noodles (ramen & udon) to choose from.

List of Menu at Wok Hey
Fresh Udon with Braised Beef - SGD 7.80
My boss bought a fresh udon with braised beef which cost us around SGD 7.80. The taste? Well for me is just a normal fried noodles but we might made a wrong decision because we know that Udon taste good when it served with hot or cold broth.

For more info: Wok Hey
Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, B1, Singapore
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM (Mon - Sun)
How to get there: Take MRT to Bugis Station and walk to Bugis Junction

4. Star Cinnamon

6 pieces of Cinnamon Rolls at Star Cinnamon!

Located at the same level as Wok Hey, this will complete your full course dishes! Basically, Star Cinnamon selling varieties of cinnamon rolls flavour. If you read our #3 Singapore Trip post, my younger brother mentioned this store on the post. So, when I mentioned that I will be going to Singapore he ask me to buy some and brought back home. 

There are more than 20 flavours to choose from! Because they have promotion at that time (buy 6 for SGD 12.00) we decide to get 2 star royal cheese, 1 star royal crunchy, star oreo oreo, star chocolate fudge crumble & star original caramel.

I'm not much as a sweet tooth but I do recommend you to try the star original caramel and see how it goes. Do it eat is fresh because there will be slightly change if you keep and brought back home like I did.

For more info: Star Cinnamon
Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, B1-K2, Singapore
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10.30 PM (Monday - Sunday)
How to get there: Take MRT to Bugis Station and walk to Bugis Junction

5. Maki-San

The packaging are just too hard to resist.
So, we have a fried meal, mom's cook, and juices but Maki-San is a Singapore's first-ever place that let you design your own sushi and Japanese-inspired salad!

If you went during dinner time you might have to wait for a while. Here are things to do when you arrived the store:

1. Take the order form (either salad or sushi)
2. Tick the boxes
3. Pay at the cashier
4. Wait for your fresh-customised food.

The customised order form
One of our customised sushi roll.
I clearly didn't know what to choose and that's when my boss come to the rescue. I heard that you must try the salted egg when you come here. Our customised sushi rolls cost us around SGD 11.40 for 5 or 6 rolls. So far, I would definitely come back for more if I'm around The Cathay area.

For more info: Maki-San
Address: The Cathay, Dhobby Ghaut #B1-17/18, Singapore
Opening Hours: 11.30 AM - 9.30 PM (Sun - Thurs) & 11:30AM - 10 PM (Fri, St & eve of PH)
How to get there: Take MRT to Dobby Ghaut Station and walk to The Cathay

6. Kedai Killiney Kopi

The final food showdown is located at Changi Airport. Don't be surprised if you see Killiney name all over the airport because they have over 50 outlets of franchise worldwide.

Basically, Killiney served Hainanese style kopitiam which famous for its Kaya Toast, French Toast and freshly brewed coffee and tea. Because morning flight makes me super hungry, I decided to treat myself Mee Siam (medium size) for SGD5.60.

Mee Siam - SGD 5.60
If you don't like an oily food early in the morning, you might opt for another options. I was really hungry that I even finished all the soup. 😂

For more info: Killiney Kopitiam
Address: Level 2, Departure Lounge (Near F Gates) Transit Area
Opening Hours: 24 hours
How to get there: Take MRT to Changi Airport


By the end of this post, I'm already went to my kitchen and eat something. All the food pictures is just too tempting! Overall, it was a very great work trip when I get to discover new eateries especially 5 stores that I mentioned here is Halal certified in Singapore. But, I'm pretty sure All In juice is Halal too because they didn't served any alcohol beverages.

That's all for now and I hope that this post will help you for your Singapore trip! 

You can see their staff cooking your fried rice or noodles at Wok Hey.
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