December 25, 2017

Are You An Innovator? Protect Your Ideas With MyIPO!

I'm not an expertise of everything, but it's a common courtesy to protect your ideas and make it as your own. One of the way is, to register it under a law and MyIPO can help you with that! But before we get in depth, how about we get to know about this statutory body first.

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia MyIPO
Let's get to know about MyIPO!

When I begin to write about the introduction, this topic reminds me of an American biographical movie named Joy. If you watch Hunger Games, I'm pretty sure you'll know who is Jennifer Lawrence! 

Well, she is the main character in Joy that portrays the hardship of the real life character that created the first prototype of Miracle Mop in the 90's. Throughout the movie, I begin to captured that the movie is more than just an acting, it's actually teach us about the importance to patent your innovation and ideas.

In Malaysia, your ideas can be protected under the law that are handled by The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) that also includes another division known as Intellectual Property Division.

Under this division, it is where Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia or in shorts MyIPO play it roles. This body is responsible for the development and management of the intellectual property system in Malaysia, such as :- 
  • Patents (Patents Act 1983)
  • Trademarks (Trade Marks Act 1976)
  • Industrial Designs (Industrial Designs Act 1996)
  • Copyrights (Copyright Act 1987)
  • Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits (Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000)
By the way, scratching your head to pronounce MyIPO? Here's how you can say it the right way. Say it together with me: maipo! maipo! maipo!

How to pronounce MyIPO
How to Pronounce MyIPO

As you can see above, everything is under the law and I heard that it's really affordable to register. For example, a trademark (branding that you create for the business), all you need to pay is RM1,020 for 10 years.

If I want to explain in terms of my field which is blogging, I can also register at MyIPO to protect my content and domain from being copied or misused without any of my permission. Especially we are living in a technology savvy world, after purchased the domain, this is your next step to shield your work.

When someone else have the urge to make your ideas as their own, you can lodge a report to MyIPO and enforcement officer will begin the process like they did on Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn Bhd incidents on 22nd December 2017.

This showed that MyIPO vision is to be one of the leading intellectual property organisation is up to par. While, their mission is to providing strong legal infrastructure and effective administration regime to enhance greater creativity and exploitation of intellectual property it's a real deal gurllll.

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia MyIPO
There are 5 objective of MyIPO 

Registering your own product at MyIPO is different than registering your own business. It's a must to register your business but it will act as voluntary basis when it comes to registering your ideas and products at MyIPO.

Both elements complete each other and important. I can't strongly say that this is a really important especially I can see that more entrepreneurs in Malaysia are increase day by day.

You guys are on the right track because the government are increase the allocation for entrepreneur by next year. So, the opportunity is there for your to grab but to secure your ideas or innovation it's time to refer to MyIPO for more info.

Last but not least, it was really simple to understand about Intellectual Property and I heard that the process are easy to be done too especially there are online platform that are made by the body itself. So, there will be no excuses for you (my lovely readers) to not protect your ideas!

If you would love to know more this topic, let me know in the comment box below which part you are looking forward to know more, patents? copyrights? trademarks? I will try my best to simplify and use different mediums to explain because it's interesting topics for me!

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