June 21, 2016

Singapore : See you again! #3

3rd DAY

It is always sad leaving anywhere but life is life, that is how it is, we do not stay at one place. We packed our bags and gently asked for the receptionist to take care of our belongings. The staffs were great and undeniably very helpful. Off we go to Pulau Ubin! We took the MRT to Tanah Merah Station and if I am not mistaken, boarded Bus No 2 to Changi Village. From there, we went by a small boat that fits for only 12 people at once to Pulau Ubin.

Expense : S$6 per person (return)
P/S: Always bring your poncho in case it rains

You could see in the map that Pulau Ubin is quite far from the mainland of Singapore so it took a little bit of time. However, the beauty of the sea hypnotises you with serenity and tranquility, instilling calmness in your heart. For about 45 minutes, both of us safely reached Pulau Ubin.

Unfortunately, it was raining at time we arrived but luckily we brought our poncho together with us. Rain should not stop you from anything! Nothing should not stop you from travelling. Its best to inhale Pulau Ubin by renting a bike.

Renting a bike
Expense : S$12 per person
P/S: Price adverse for different types of bike

The ‘aunty’ (I think Malaysians and Singaporeans share this trait of calling Chinese women whom older than us ‘aunty’) will hand a map of Pulau Ubin to you but since it was raining, the map was kinda useless. We just ride anywhere we preferred to by just following the trail. Do not worry, you would not get lost.

It took about one hour for us to reach Chek Jawa Wetlands, the most prominent place to visit in Pulau Ubin. A hilarious incident happened when my sister parked her bicycle, a wild bore wrestled with her bicycle because there were foods her bag. So guys, be careful as well haha.

Then you will need to walk to enter Chek Jawa, we walked to the coastal lines of the island but there were nothing to be seen because it was raining. The water turned chalky. The suspended bridge continued along to the wetland and it was beautiful. You should see it for yourself.

One-way road has definitely busted us off, we both took our steady time to reach back to ferry stop. We could not speak so it was an eternal moment of silence. As we arrived back at the mainland, we were starving so we took Bus No 58 at the Changi Village to Tampines (way to pronounce; Tam-pe-nis, not Tam-Pin) to look for “Sup Tulang Daging Merah” at Haji Kadir (I cannot seem to dwell on it). To me, it tasted like a pot of diabetes so I ate just a fifth of it because I ordered Chicken Biryani for myself.

Sup Tulang Daging Merah at Haji Kadir.
Expense : S$9 for 5 pieces of marrow bones
P/S : It was in a neighbourhood area

Bloated and full especially my sister, we took Bus No 152 to Tampines MRT Station (no more walking). From there, we foot off at How Par Villa Station to go to How Par Villa Park. Unfortunately, it was closed. So we headed back to our hotel to retrieve our bags and recharge our gadgets.

We took the MRT to Bugis to return our passes and killed some time to buy some things for us (something useful) especially foods at Bugis Street. And we bought the cinnamon rolls again at Bugis Junction! Yay to us!

Star Cinnamon Rolls
Expense : S$11 for 6 pieces

At about 10.45pm, both us have diminished and felt wore off so we decided to wait for our bus home to Malaysia Golden Mile Tower. Soon after we departed from Singapore back to our home country, Malaysia. We hope to see you again soon Singapore!

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