June 21, 2016

Singapore : An exciting day! #2

2nd DAY

Coldness reached our feet causing us to wake up coincidentally. The room was too cozy and comforting. I did not feel any aches within my body, I knew that it went away temporary. It was the perfect time to hunt in Singapore especially in this blue weather! Mundane morning as usual, finished with sprays of mist and off we went. 

Last night before I washed away into dreams, I had listed and organized our plan for tomorrow and the day after through researchers. My one and only advice to those who want to travel on budget is to do research, read reviews, anything that you can use to consensus your plan.

Okay, moving on to our day, we walked to Lavender Station and descended to south of Singapore’s famous island, Sentosa Island. As I said before, most MRT stations in Singapore are connected with a mall. This time, it brought us to VivoCity. Then we took a 10 minutes walk to HarbourFront Tower 2 to take on a cable car!

Singapore Cable Car
Expense : S$29.00 per person (Mount Faber line)
P/S: You can redeem a free keychain at one of the giftshops!

Blue morning and greens are always a good recipe for morning breeze. Nonetheless, my sister and I went to Mount Faber, the highest peak at Singapore. Replenishing our lungs with fresh air. We had a brisk walk around the lush greens area to spot for Henderson Waves (A wavy-built bridge). The aftermatch was exhausting! Then we immediately boarded the cable car towards Sentosa Island. There are pretty much nothing there except for Madame Tussauds.

To continue our day,we had lunch at City Hall station’s food court. After that we departed to our next destination which was...the National Museum of Singapore!

National Museum of Singapore
Expense : S$5 per person for foreign students
P/S : Student card really helps you, always bring it together!

I would say the approaches were magnetizing. No such boredom occurred during my visit to this museum. The way they assembled everything was interactive. I am pleased with what it has given me ; history, geography, politics, musics, entertainment and fun-learning. I love everything especially the Zoetrope at the sport section!

Soon after we embarked by MRT to Raffles Station to visit one of the most famous spot in Singapore; the Merlion! The park was packed like sardines. Locals and foreigners were all there to capture the typical pose with the Merlion statue (mouth open camera trick). You can also witness everything from this park including Marina Bay Sands, skyscrapers, the Esplanade and many more.

P/S : This will turn you gullible for S$1

After we had enough, we sat back and took a sip at the nearest  Starbucks Coffee and we got back to our hotel to have a little rest cause what we were about to do next was ecstaticly exciting!

At about 8pm, we descended to the underground Lavender MRT station, we exchanged stations towards Ang Mo Kio. This time, we opted for bus to somewhere mystery. You can really rely on their public transportations, everything was convenient, efficient and effective. They even have an app to ease your journey while in Singapore.

30 minutes of casually sitting on the bus has been the longest time I have ever experienced. We got off the bus right in front of the Night Safari Zoo!

Night Safari
Expense : S$45 for two persons
P/S: The original price was S$45 per person, they were having 50% off after 9pm during my visit.

We never experience such open space with wild animals before but this time, no boundaries, there was nothing separating us. Every visitors would need to ride the tram, in total darkness with bits of light, we were injected with goosebumps cause it was kinda eerie. You can hop off at this one stop and experience the satisfying night safari with your friends (the animals!). Some of them were just giggly and cute! But some….. may fright you up. The zoo guide on your tram will explain every time we encounter with new animals. It was purely enjoyable!

Till then, this koala whistled that he needed some sleep. P/S: Discounts made us bought him! and his twinsie too! 

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