October 22, 2017 Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Weekend Getaway: Birthday Celebration + Pre Convo Photoshoot

Last week was a never ending celebration, with food and spend time with bunch of friends. So, in order to remember the moment I decided to write on my 3rd Weekend Getaway!

We just playing around with our photoshoot 😜
Before we decided to photoshoot at this place, Nuriy ask my opinion where should we have our Pre Convo photoshoot and I remember just sending her a link for her to choose. I know I'm not that much of helper, but you can consider me as a person that easy going. Then, she decided to capture our memories at Astaka Morocco, Putrajaya.

We need to be there early because Nuriy booked someone to do her makeup. Well, obviously I do my makeup on my own since I'm on tight budget (surviving with my first pay-check)

It's a such a small world when I found out that the freelance makeup artist is the same batch as we are during our diploma year. She currently pursuing her own business by doing makeup around Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. If you're looking for MUA, visit her instagram: titibeauty_.

Check her out: titibeauty_
My makeup for the day. I called is as 'hentam sokmo' kind of makeup.
After one hour waiting for Nuriy, finally we get to start with our photoshoot. Again, this is all her plan so I just follow through. I was actually have a time of my life during this photoshoot because I'm allowed to be myself around them. Plus, the photographer is actually our friends connection too, Ahmad Suhail.

This is my first time ever doing a pre-convo photoshoot and might be the last because right now I don't have any plan YET to further study. Hope you guys enjoy this beautiful pictures that were taken by Suhail! Psstt, if you want to capture your memories in a good hand, contact him 😉

The photoshoot last around 1-2 hour in a very hot sunny day. After it ended we grab some food and rush back to our home, because I got a plan to celebrate my birthday. 

Every year, I will grab two free tickets from GSC Cinemas and watch film that I wanted. the best thing about this year birthday, I get to watch Kingsman 2 with my boyfriend. I was planned to watch this movie right after it came out, but I just don't have any time for it.

Free bday movie at GSC Cinemas!
Personally, I like their 2nd movie. If I want to sum it up, Kingsman 2 are full of surprise, actions and curse words. I know some of you may not liking it but it was okay for me. 

Before I ended this blog post, I want to say million thanks for those who are wishing me on social media and personally, it really made my day and I really appreciate every single wishes that I received.

For my next blogpost, I will be sharing my tips on how to get free treat on your birthday! Till then, hope you have a nice weekend and I will see you on my next post.

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  1. yeayy tahniahh dek.

    btw Kingsman best kan. akak tak follow yang first, tapi tengok yang second pun dah rasa best gila

    1. kak cici! rinduuuuuu lama gila tak jumpaa. Jumpa pun dekat alam maya je aka baca blog mommy cici tuu