October 8, 2017 Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Weekend Getaway: JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2017

Besides spending my time in nature, I kind of having an interest towards attending a concert. So, let's read my journey to Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert on this post!

JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2017
JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2017

Right now, I'm trying to write my Weekend Getaway on weekly basis to share with the readers what I did to fill in my weekend! So far, I have something to do every week and that's good.

On 23rd September 2017, my friends Nuriy asked me to accompany here to this concert and it was her first concert! I attend few concert few back then such as Big Bang, Backstreet Boys and others. It was a really awesome experience to sing along with your favourite artist.

While, I didn't know a single artist that attend to this concert and that's why I have to do some readings 😂  on Air Asia Red Tix page. What I can conclude there are 11 lineups that performed on this concert and it's a mix of Malaysian and Japanese artist.

Nuriy is having a time of her life!

Although I didn't understand a single words that they singing, but I enjoyed every single performance! Since I'm working at a Japanese born company it makes me pumped out to learn the language (I will talk about this on another post). 

The best part of all, I get to see Sunway Lagoon during night time and it was the best moment I have ever had! It awesome to see a concert at the surf beach in the middle of the night.

I heard that among all the artist, the most waiting on the list is Anna Tsuchiya. Nuriy said that she is famous for her singing on various OST including Final Fantasy. I'm not a hard fan of Final Fantasy franchise but I do know that it was really popular series worldwide. Her voice is INCREDIBLE!

Another favourite on that night is Charisma.com. The band is an Electro DJ/Rap Duo. Dang, her performance was sugoi. I was even get jealous of all the energy she have, it was a never ending of rapping and jumping around. I recommend you to hear their song because it full of positive vibe!

Make sure to click video above to see a sneak peak of Anna Tsuchiya performance! 

Overall, I have a really great time at the concert and it was really great to be part of the 60th Anniversary of Japan and Malaysia's business collaboration. It was for a good cause, and it showed up at each of performance.

Hopefully, the organiser will come out with a great event like this to commemorate a relationships between countries. 😆

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  1. Sure looks and sounds like you had a great time at the concert despite the language barrier you faced. Glad to see you had fun, hope to see more posts from you soon, keep it up.