October 10, 2017 14, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Spending My First Paycheck at myBurgerLab: Nasi Lemak Burger!

Nothing could go wrong if you treat yourself with some food, well technically its me and boyfriend! Let's see if Nasi Lemak Burger taste worth the hype.

nasi lemak burger myBurgerLab Curitan Aqalili
Behold Nasi Lemak Burger!

This is not my first time coming to myBurgerLab, if I'm not mistaken this is my third time at the same place. I'm not sure why but I tend to go to SeaPark store than the others even though it's hard to find the parking spot here. 

The store still the same, you can either eat at the downstairs or upstairs. If you ask me I prefer to sit downstairs because it's easy to grab anything there. But, I noticed that the Opening Hours change a little bit:
  • Monday - Friday: 17:00 - 22:15
  • Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 - 22:15
  • Closed on 1st Monday of the month
Before I start with our main focus here, let's start with appetiser first shall we?

Nacho Libre myBurgerLab Curitan Aqalili
Nacho Libre RM 14.90
Let me give you some tips, make sure to come here with an empty stomach unless if you have another empty spot on your stomach, please forget this tips. Their food is huge, I think you can sense regret comes from me through this statement, but yeah if you want to fully enjoy your burger just pick either one or take away other things perhaps.

We decided to grab this Nacho Libre just that my boyfriend want me to treat the same amount that he did when he got his first pay-check (but is just a jokes guyss, don't be too serious). Plus, we were hungry that time so it's the best choice we ever made.

I would say that this is the most tasty nacho I have ever taste in my life. You get that BBQ flavoured chacos topped with sloppy chicken, Jalapenos  with cheese sauce and green salsa drizzled on top of it. Wow! That was the longest description that I have write about food.

All I can say is, the amount of the food is worth the price which RM14.90 and just perfect for 2-3 person.

Nasi Lemak Burger myBurgerLab Curitan Aqalili
Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang , RM 18.80
The moment we have been waiting for ....


Take note that you can either order ala carte or upgrade to set meal like me. Just add RM7.80 and you will get Soda/Water (refillable) and side dishes. You have three sides to choose from, which I get an Awesome Fries for an awesome people like me (aha aha get it tak?). But, please try their Umami Mashed Potatoes because it taste good!

Move on to the burger, it fills with Grandmama's rendang sauce, homemade pickles, topped with peanut butter, sambal, sunny side egg, chopped ikan bilis and a crispy crunchy thai style friend chicken! (take a deep breath after reading this ingredients).

Nasi Lemak Burger myBurgerLab Curitan Aqalili
Up closed the masterpiece.
Honestly, I kind of having a love-hate relationship with this burger. The amount of chicken is huge, like they aren't play around with anything. The rendang taste just like a normal one with a little bit of kick.

The hate relationship part of it is the chopped ikan bilis placement at the bottom, it just a turnoff for me. In terms of taste, everything well combined together which surprising for me, at least.

I didn't have the opportunity to try other innovative Nasi Lemak menu in Malaysia, YET. But, this is a good start towards the journey of finding the best Nasi Lemak innovative food in Malaysia.


Yes for sure, before 31st December 2017 which was the last day the Nasi Lemak Burger will be available at myBurgerLab. With the price of RM18.80 it was worth to try because you get a very compact and solid burger in one go. But if you are on diet during that week, I wouldn't recommend because just like the rest nasi lemak, it's oily.


HALAL STATUS: myBurgerLab is a Muslim Friendly restaurant. The ingredients and supplies they use are sourced from Halal certified local Malaysian suppliers. myBurgerLab doesn't use alcohol or lard in the cooking.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by myBurgerLab, I spend my own money and write a review based on my opinion. There aren't third party opinion involve my decision.

Nasi Lemak Burger myBurgerLab Curitan Aqalili
Look at that burst sunny side egg!
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  1. hahhh nasi lemak burger.. pestime dengar ni

    1. jangan lupa cuba kak! and pastikan kalau nak cuba perut mesti kosong dulu..

  2. wahhh akak tak pernah makan lagi kat sini. selalu dengar orang cakap je . should try this

    1. sedap sedap, dah kali ketiga makan dekat sini. dia punya french fries semua tip top!