July 28, 2017

Get To Know More About Zakat With PPZ TV

There are five pillars of Islam and Zakat is one of them. Zakat is basically where you paying certain amount (2.5%) to benefit the poor and the needy and that's the most basic information we should know about Zakat. But, what if there are a tools that will help you to understand more about this subject matter in a fun way? Well, make sure to read more to get all of the info!

About Zakat on PPZ TV
Know more about Zakat on PPZ TV.

I'm a hardcore YouTube user and I learned so much from that platform - how to wear makeup, watching documentary and of course listening to music. This one particular day, out of nowhere I type the word Zakat in search box because I want to see are there any fun and informative video that people made about it. 

After scrolling the site, I just found out that Pusat Pungutan Zakat-MAIWP have a YouTube channel known as PPZ TV (surprise girl here). 

Why am I so surprised you may ask? Well, the channel was made on 28th October 2011 and there a tons of very well made videos that they made there (pack with information and entertaining).

Among all the playlist, my favourite would be 'Info Ad-Deen 2017'. PPZ take an initiative to made videos during last Ramadhan and I finished watching all the video in one day. Therefore, here is my five top pick from the playlist.

1. Aku, Zakat & Volkswagen

Honestly, this is on top of my chart among all the five just because the message that they want to spread is clear. The video length is less that 3 minute which just enough time to capture everyone attention on the video.

2. Orang Kata

I'm not sure about you, but here in Malaysia we have so many superstitions (not that kind of hardcore superstitions) that our parents told us. 

For example, if you sit on a pillow you will get boil on your bum, but that's not true because the main reason is it just unhygienic because that's where your put your head on. 

This video for me is very witty and teach you something.

3. Tabayyun

I like watching this Trio (Amiro, Shafiq & Anuar) acting together, it always on point and fun to watch.

4. Ke Mana Wang Zakat

Most of the video that I mentioned above is a sketch video (infosketsa), but this one is more towards informative (infosantai). In this video, they will tell you step by step how the organization will distribute the Zakat.

5. Zakat VS Sedekah

The main reason I watched this video is because of Ustaz Don, I was curious of how he will act in this video. If you are a fan of Ustaz Don make sure to watch this video, plus you will know the differences between Zakat and alms very clearly with his explanation.

There are also other video that you can watch beside from this playlist, might as well search for Zakat Fitrah explanation video on PPZ TV because it was the most well search on Google!

Honestly, I support this kind of visual tools especially in spreading a serious topics in catchy and fun way. I hope that there are more people in Malaysia will start making this type of video and spread positive things globally.

Before I end, make sure to subscribe PPZ TV at http://www.youtube.com/ppztv

One of my favourite video on PPZ TV

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