July 16, 2017

Dettol Deep Cleanse Range For Skin Protection

Personally, I have been using Dettol product for quite a while now, especially their original bar soap (yes, we are classy) and last Thursday, I get the opportunity to get my hand on Dettol new range product. Let's check it out!

From Left: Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Abrizah Osman | Category Marketing Manager of RB Malaysia and Singapore, Kim Minyoung | TV Host, Nana Mahazan | Social Media Celebrity, Cupcake Aisyah.

Most of us know about Deep Cleanse but majority the topic only focus on our face area, but did we know that we must do the same to our body as well? Aside to get a healthy glowing skin, deep cleansing will give tons of benefits and this product range will provide a tons of it.

Before the official event start, we get to experiences the product by ourself. First they check our hand moisture level and then they put a charcoal to indicate how well the product will do their work. After getting rid the dirt by using a Dettol Deep Cleanse product, the result turns out to be spectacular.

My skin feel soft, smells so good and fruity because it contain 100% natural apricot and my moisture value increase from 24% to 43.4%. I do believe that numbers do not lie because take a look at my skin oil value on the picture below, it decrease from 36% to 29%.

Checking my moisture level at the event.
Since I give a sneak peak tons of goodness for this new range product, here are full information about the Dettol Deep Cleanse:

  • 100% Natural Apricot for fruity and refreshing fragrance.
  • Contained Micro-Scrubbing and Beads (not harsh on your skin)
  • Help to remove dead skin cells for deep cleansing which promotes skin health.
  • Not only provide germ protection but also skin benefits.
  • Suitable to used everyday.
  • Leaving complexion bright and renewed.
  • Suitable for maintaining the entire family's wellbeing.

In additional, Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Abrizah Osman explained:
With pollutants and bacteria in our environment, mothers should encourage deep cleansing among their family members to reduce the chances of skin irritations. The removal of dead skin cells via exfoliation also enhances the clarity of complexion and skin health."
Refreshing yet calming, that's what 100% natural apricot for!
The Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash is available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets. There are two choices to choose from (liquid and soap) and here are the price range:

Liquid: RM 6.90 (225 ml) | RM20.25 (850 ml) | Refill Pack RM 15.67 (800 ml)
Bar Soap: RM 10.45 (105 g) comes in packs of 3 +1

Promo Code for online purchases at
Lazada: 25% off, use code RBLAZ25 (Valid from 11 July till 30 Sep 2017)
Shopee: 15% off, promo code RB15 (Valid till 31 July 2017)
Applicable for RB store only (product such as Dettol, Durex, Veet and School).

I'm so happy to bring this home and share this new Dettol prodcuts with my parents and siblings!

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  1. macam macam detol sekarang.. makin menarik

  2. aah macam macam, function dia dah upgrade dah yang Dettol Deep Cleanse range punya ni, wangi, basmi kuman dengan bertindak sebagai deep cleanse. Serius bau aprikot dia kuat!