July 3, 2017

Bloggertalk X Sabah #7: Bye Bye Sabah, I'll Be Back Soon!

The long awaited Bloggertalk X Sabah final post is going to start now! 
I'm so sorry for the delay, and I will make up to you guys by telling you that there are something special on this post, make sure to click more 😉

Souvenir Hunting at Pasar Filipin
Budget: RM 20 and above (depends on your spending)

I think it's really good when we decided to do shopping on the last day of the trip. When I went travelling I don't usually shop a lot, but since 30 kg baggage per person is not yet full, I was like 'I need to grab the opportunity', go hard or go home with feeling regrets.

So, I already decided what I want to buy by asking my family members what they want. FYI, my younger brother went to Sabah before me so he tell me to buy Kuih Cincin, and my mom want Amplang (yes I bought all of their wish list).

But before we went to get that stuff, we walk around their souvenir shops. Make sure to look around every corner of this colourful building and also around the area. 

Colourful pearl
Want to customised your white classy pearl into bracelet? No problem, Sabah got your back!
Most of the people will purchase pearl in Sabah because it's really affordable girls! Plus, you can also do your own custom bracelet pearl. Besides that, they sell tons of ready stock pin tudung pearl. I bought two pearl pin tudung for my mom because it's her birthday on that day.

I'm not that girly and not into pearl so I didn't bought for myself. I'm more excited when I'm at their snacks corner. That show how much I love food 😂

We went here for some Sabah snacks hunting!
We went back to our first stop and start roaming around the area, and I'm shook. I was trying so hard to be independent but walking around tons of seller sure give me some anxiety. 

Mostly, all of the sellers selling the same Sabah snacks the only different is 'the price' and how much they can negotiate. We didn't have time to wondering around one by one, so we just pick randomly.

I went to this stall called 'Carmina' and I decided to choose that stall randomly. Adzril and Farah purchased at the stall in front me and that's good because I can combine my haul with them in one box. 

Yes you heard me, they will provide you some boxes where you can put all your shopping things inside without worrying that all the snacks will break into dust when you arrived your country.

Pasar Filipin: Stall No.7 'Carmina'
There are so many amplang and kuih cincin flavour!
There are so many flavours of amplang, and I bought three flavours such as original (fish), prawns and squid. Then I grab two packs of kuih cincin and I plan to stop at that point. But the owner told me to grab another one and he will give me discount. At first I doubt to get another one .... at the end I grab another kuih cincin (what am I going to do with all the snacks? 😱 )

So the total of all damages (souvenir and snacks) are not more than RM50 if I'm not mistaken, which was worth the money spent.

Lunch at Claypot Corner
Budget: RM 15 and above (depends how hungry you are 😂 )

Lunch at Claypot Corner before heading home.
Full house at Claypor Corner
We got all the things that we need, it's time to have lunch! There are only one itsy bitsy problem which is we didn't know where to eat.

So, we decided to go around Alamesra Kota Kinabalu since it's near to the airport. Then, we found this place called Claypot Corner, and at that time it was full house. According to my calculation tons of people = good food.

This restaurant served Malay cuisine and their specialty is Asam Pedas. Not just a normal asam pedas because it's a clay-pot cooking style! 

Claypot Corner is calling your name!
The best part of this restaurant, the price is really affordable for what you are going to pay for. They have wide range or dishes, so I suggest you to click menu for a very detail information. 

Among all the dishes, we decided to get five set (out of 7 set) which include the dishes, rice, telur masin or telur dadar, ulam and air sirap. 

The five set that we ate are Ikan tenggiri asam pedas (RM 12.00), Ikan pari asam pedas (RM 10.00), Ikan kembung asam pedas (RM 8.00), Kari Ayam and Gulai Kambing.

Come with the set, rice, telur dadar and some vegetables/ulam.
Although the set came with free drinks, we ordered this special drinks 'Air Buah Tal + Nangka (Jackfruit)'! It may looks plain but it full of flavour and very refreshing. 

Honestly, I do have doubt at first because I didn't know what is buah tal 😁  and the possibility that jackfruit can be made into drinks. You don't have to worry because it is Aqalili approved so make sure to try this drinks when you visit Claypot Corner!

Claypot Corner special drinks that you must try.
We cleaned all the claypot included another round of gulai kambing because it was really good! Speaking about the dishes, I love all the five but my favourite would be this three: Ikan tenggiri, ikan pari and of course gulai kambing! Their asam pedas and gulai are full of flavour and their mutton meat are so soft.

Ikan tenggiri asam pedas (RM 12.00)
Ikan pari asam pedas (RM10.00)
Ultimate favourite, Gulai Kambing.
Flight Out back to Kuala Lumpur
Right until now, I always thinking about coming back to Sabah. I have the time of my life there and the most important thing is I get to meet new friends which makes this 7 days trips feel much more alive. 

Sabah is a really beautiful country and I will keep coming back for their view, friends and their food . I suggest you to put Sabah on your must visit country and explore Kota Kinabalu, Kundasang, Tawau and many more. I have a planned to went back there soon to visit Tawau (Bohey Dulang and others), so I better get ready and cross out another dream list of mine.

That's all for Bloggertalk X Sabah complete itinerary. This last post will end with a video that I made for you guys! Make sure to click play button and watch it in HD. 

Next up on Adventure Travel: Japan Trip.

I'll see you soon Sabah!

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