May 13, 2017

Shop at Ezbuy and Pay RM8.80 Unlimited Shipping Only!

Personally, I love to shop online but there is one thing that made me stop before I press the pay button ..... SHIPPING FEE!

Shipping fee can be quite pricey at times, and sometimes over our stuff price. End up, you have to cancel your shopping and be a cry baby because you can't buy anything that you want.

Fret not, I'm pretty sure I have got just solution for you. For all online shopper, just register ezbuy Prime and enjoy RM8.80 unlimited shipping today
Click to go straight register ezbuy Prime
But, before you get to enjoy this unlimited shipping fee, you have to register by clicking here. Then, you can choose either prime annual or prime trial.

At just RM188 for one year (365 days), the members can also enjoy to put up 42 wish list entries. With Prime Annual, they provide you an insurance coverage on your order. 

But, if you want to try first and see how it goes, they provide your with Prime Trial.

For 5 days, you have to pay RM 18.80, with no wish list but you got yourself an insurance coverage on your order too.

Already register? Now, just browse and buy item marked with prime (over 3 millions products to choose from) and then it will delivered directly to your house. 

Note that, size and quantity no longer matters, even if you purchased furniture like sofa, your shipping will be still RM8.80 flat for the international shipping fee! (SAY WHUUTTTT)

Beside furniture, Prime product also include home & gardens, mobile & tablets, beauty & health and many more. 

Just visit to browse and if you like to purchased something, psstt don't forget to register as Prime Annual or Prime Trial member!

Aqalili at the ezbuy event where they explained about ezbuy Prime membership!

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