May 16, 2017

Bloggertalk X Sabah #5: Grab Your Sunscreen!

I'm back with the continuation about Bloggertalk X Sabah trip, and for upcoming travel writeup (jeng jeng jeng). Can't wait to share the adventure with you guys, but before that, let's finished off what I have started shall we?

Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal
Price Per Person: RM32 (Island), RM3 (Island Entrance), RM10 (Snorkelling Equipment)

Originally we planned to go to Kudat, but then we changed to Island Hopping which was pretty last minute decision. Before we arrived at Jesselton Point Ferry, we bought some food to save up time for a little bit.

I think that was a genius idea, or I would say great tips because you save up your money and your time as well. You get to play a little bit longer and just grab something when you feel hungry. I would say that idea is suitable for a person that always hungry (like me).

Another tips that I want to share with you is about purchasing island hopping package at Jesselton Point Ferry. Make sure to survey first, and then decide.

Already decide? Now lets go to Manukan, Sapi and Gaya Island with us! Oh and don't forget your sunscreen.

We first arrived at Sapi Island just because we want to try Coral Flyer that located in Gaya Island. While waiting for 2.30 PM ferry, we ate and looking at the view just to kill our time.

The only place to purchased the Coral Flyer ticket is at Sapi Island which cost around RM68. I'm not sure whether there are another option, but my Sabah friend said that we can get a much cheaper price for it. But still I don't have any idea, let me know in the comment below if you know anything about this.

The journey from Sapi to Gaya Island doesn't take to much of our time. When we arrived, the island is quiet vacant, and I prefer to do snorkelling here rather than Pulau Manukan because of it.

Azah & Dhia Vivadea on the way to Coral Flyer start point!
My nervous face before doing ziplining
I was going to tell you that Coral Flyer is a 250 metres long and the best part is it have 2 lines so you can zip line together with your friend! Farah Dafri and I was chosen to do it first, and let me tell you is not easy and quite risky for me.

Since I didn't bring my Go Pro, I decided to fly with Fujifilm XT10. Thank god my camera is safe and record my closed up face which I'm going to compile and edit soon.

Farah Dafri and I posing at the end platform
Since there is only few of us, we get to take a lot of pictures at the end platform. After all the adrenaline rush end, lets calm down with snorkelling at Manukan Island!!

Dhia Vivadea, Farah Dafri and I. Thanks to Adzril for captured this beautiful picture!
Pretty right? But, too bad we can't get to see clear underwater view since its raining. I know, its quite frustrating for a first timer like me. But, I will make sure to try snorkelling again soon! Oh its almost 4 PM, it's time to head back home.

Dinner at Todak Waterfront Hawker Centre
Price: RM 100+
Adzril show off his skills.
After long hour at island, its time to get a large meal! They said that you can't go home unless you try to eat seafood at Sabah. 

A good start to eat seafood is at Todak Waterfront Hawker Centre. Fresh, affordable and cook the way that you want. Oh, before you pick a place to fill your stomach, go around the place, see what you want to it and negotiate.

The place that we ate can negotiate quite a lot, and here is what we ate at the stall.

The taste was okay but I think its lack of something, seasoning. Most of it taste quite bland, but my favourite among this is fried squid.

Ahh, before I forget you should also eat Sabah exotic or street food before coming back to your hometown.

Thank you to Azah, I get to eat a really great food here in Sabah such as, Latok (Seagrapes), Havana and Cuttlefish (Sotong Katak). I'm so in love with Latok, it pop in my mouth when I bite it and taste so great! Tips for you, just squeeze some lime and put chillies (bon apetite).

Havana was so-so for me, taste a bit sour and bit fishy. Last but not least, cuttlefish! I never ate cuttlefish until I arrived here at Sabah, and I was satisfied eating that large squid.

Of course it was great to end this post talking about FOOD! I still remember how it taste while writing it and hopefully I will get my hand on it again soon.

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