April 14, 2017

Makeup Noob Trying Out: Shizens Visage Collection

Hello and what's up everyone!

Today is the day where I put on my full makeup with Shizens VISAGE Collection. Basically, this new collection comprises of skincare and make-up products. There are 9 items in total, which includes 3 skincare products and 6 make-up products.

I get 4 out of 6 of their make-up products, which are Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO, Aqua eyeliner, Hue-duo eyeshadow and Smack lips to create a look that bring out my natural beauty (inner to outer).
Look at those packaging! Stunning.
The best part is they give me some tips to used all of the products, and you, my awesome readers can experience VISAGE makeover by showing unique code (VISAGE01) at major Shizens stores (Pavilion Flagship Store, Mid Valley, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza, Genting Sky Avenue, Isetan KLCC, Isetan Garden, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion and Sogo KL)

Without further ado, let's start this trying out session step by step with all of the products!

1. Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO
Honestly, I never used foundation on my own. But, I have an idea that it should feel heavy on your face, because its functioning to cover up some imperfection. So, the one that I will be using claimed to feel light weight, sheer and silky. Plus, its 100% talc- free and consist of Vitamin E.
Foundation stick with a beautiful shape in the middle
Oh didn't I tell you it consist of SPF50? So, it should be protect and moisturised.
Let me tell you, it does feel light and super smooth and the colour is actually blending into my skin colour for a bit. 

The application said to apply lightly on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. I decided to blend it with my fingertips because I feel too sayang to used the sponge that come with the foundation.
How to apply the foundation stick
2. Apply Hue-Duo Eye Shadow & Aqua Eyeliner
Hue-Duo Eye Shadow in Sepia Pink
Aqua Eyeliner in Brown
After blending out the foundation all over my face, its time to move on to the eye area. I used Hue-duo eyeshadow in Sepia Pink and Aqua eyeliner in Brown. 

At first glance, I'm quite afraid to used this kind of pink because I have medium dark skin tone. But, for trying purposed I put it on my eyelids bravely. I used bright pink first then the dark pink to create that smokey eyeshadow (attempt kind of failed).  

Actually, I was quite surprised by the results because is not that bright once I blend it properly. This will be great for everyday look and mixing up with my other eyeshadow palette.

So, let me tell you something about the aqua eyeliner. It's a cushion type liquid eyeliner, smudge proof, long wearing, lightweight and quick drying formula

I am excited to try this type of eyeliner and nervous at the same time. Why? Because I heard that is not easy to used this kind of eyeliner, but is not that bad because it just glides on smoothly. Oh! I also used this to fill my brows.

After finished putting on both of the products, here is my final results.
Final Result of Using Eyeshadow & Eyeliner on Brow and Eyelids. 
3. Put on My Smack Lips
Last but not least, we will end this step by step by putting on this stunning matte lipstick on the lips!

Smack Lips contained coconut oil, sunflower butter and there are four colour to choose from. I get mine in Cherry Blossom, again with the bright pink colour. Honestly, this one is actually kind of nice because the feel of it. It dry quickly but doesn't dry your lips because of the moisturise ingredients.

I can see that this is a long wearing matte lipstick and the best part is I actually used this as blush, it looks and feel just fine!

The moment we have be waiting for, the final results (drumroll sound). Tadaaaa!

I'm actually proud because I did it by myself! No YouTube or Instagram tutorial, I just follow my hunch from start until the end. 

I just want to say that even you are noob, you still have time to learn about makeup. It's okay to failed as long you are satisfied by the hard work!

Shizens currently OFFER VISAGE ESSENTIAL FOR LIMTED TIME ONLY. Get your introductory set at RM 199 instead of RM1,503, from 1st March to 31st May at major Shizens stores. Click here for more information.

Not just that, they currently held a contest 'VISAGE Challenge' where you need to shoot a video/take pictures by showing steps of VISAGE makeover. 

All you need to do are:
1. Visit Shizens outlet and enjoy VISAGE makeover 
2. Snap a photo 
3. Submit to Shizens Facebook (inbox) / Scan WeChat QR Code Below
You might stand a chance to win attractive prized up to RM 2,000 cash + shizens products and gifts worth up to RM 6,000.

Last but not least, official launch of VISAGE COLLECTION will be held at East Entrance Lobby, Mid Valley (24-30 April 2017). There will be a lot of exciting activities and *clear throat* offers! Make sure to visit them at Mid Valley.

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  1. that lipstick coloe...cantiknyaaaa.looks good on you

  2. look extra pretty with make up sayang. so lepas ni pergi event boleh lah tenyeh muka (but pls bangun awal hokeyyy)