April 17, 2017

BloggertalkXSabah #1: Touchdown In Paradise

What's up everybody! Hope you are doing fine as always.
I'm so excited to write about today post due to so many reason. 

It had been a dream of mine to visit Sabah one day, and I can't thank enough to this awesome people (Dhia VivadeaAdzril and Farah Dafri) that open a window of opportunity to fulfil this dream of mine.

Before I start, if you have encountered Sabah trip entry on this blog, its actually were written by my younger brother. You can read all his THREE post, by clicking here. If everything is running smoothly, I will post about my 1 week trip everyday starting today.

Let me be honest with you, it is my first time meeting with Dhia VivadeaAdzril and Farah Dafri and I must say I was nervous and excited at the same time because I'm still new on being a blogger and they are my senior in this field. 

Of course there are a lot of question linger in my mind, such as "Are they going to be okay with just me being myself?", and the truth is they are okay with it. I automatically feels like I have known them for a quite some time now because they are so friendly and fun to be with.

Malindo Air
Kuala Lumpur - Sabah - Kuala Lumpur : Around RM250
(Include 30 kg baggage per person)

It's my first time flying with Malindo Air and I wasn't expect that much (because our flight was delayed by 1 hour) until . . . I found out that we get to watch free movie, documentaries, drama or playing games on the flight. That was freaking cool but sleeping is far more important for me at that time.

Lunch at Grace Point Food Court
Updating social media while waiting for my food.
I am so starving after ate a slice of pizza and desert only. My only thought when I arrived in Sabah, is FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Oh, I almost forget to tell you that our ride for the whole week is by a car. (Thank you Azah for driving and taking us to so many beautiful places!)

She knows that we are starving and brought us to the nearest food court (sort of) at the airport, Grace Point Food Court. The best thing about food court is there are a lot of options. But, out of all the Sabahan dishes, I choose rice with butter prawns, just to prevent from getting stomached.  And it turns out taste really great, the sauce are perfecto!
Dhia Vivadea treat us with Pisang Goreng Cheese!
Fret not, I did have the opportunity to taste my first Sabahan dishes called as Bambangan. Azah bought this at food stall called "Ethnic Sabah" (located at the very last stall).

It is a strong introduction to my first Sabahan dishes, and it taste similar to 'tapai' but with strong acidic taste. I do think that taking a bite into that Chilies taste a little bit better (sweet, sour and spicy).

Bambangan at Ethnic Sabah Stall
Double Six Monument
Admission: FREE

Did you know that Double Six Monument is near the Grace Point Food Court? Yes it is! Just walk few metre and you are good to go.

This monument have a lot of history to tell and picture below explained briefly about the tragedy. 

The reason why it named 'Double 6' because it happened on 6/6/1976, and to share the details fact they opened a gallery for it. We didn't go to the gallery because we decided that we need some to get some rest before all the working started.

Stay at Homestay Imago
Prices: Different on Weekdays & Weekend
Living Room
Located just beside the Imago Mall, where all the entertainment, shopping and eating just calling our name out (holding myself from impulse purchases), it is a great place to start our first stay at Imago Homestay.

Our homestay is located at Level 8, Block B. During that time, it was a little bit hard for us to went to our block because lift is broken. But, we thankful enough that it got back to normal on our second stay here.

This place can fit a lot of people here, but they only have 2 rooms with king/queen size bed. Fret not, they supply an extra mattress if you have additional people around. 

The best things about this place is they have a outdoor pool, kitchen necessities, washing machine and so on. For more information about this place, click here where one of our team, Dhiavivadea wrote about it.

Free and Easy at Imago Mall

Since it our first day here, why not we spend our time freely and end the day by watching Ghost in The Shell at MBO Cinemas! You can read my review about the movie here

By the way, during the movie I realised that Farah and I have a similarities, which is we love to talk while watching something on screen. More to revealed about us all together from time to time.


I want this first entry about Bloggertalk X Sabah end perfectly, that's why I put this gorgeous view from our stay (Level 8, Block B, Imago Homestay). Till then, more entry post about Bloggertalk X Sabah to come!
View from our stay at Imago Homestay
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