April 22, 2017

Bloggertalk X Sabah #3: I Got You, Mr. Sunset!

Day 3 and we still have a long way to go. So far how was the last two post? I would love to know your feedback about it. Just leave comment below, or send me an email at aqalili.azizan@gmail.com.

Alright, for this post I recommend you to read until the end, because I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

Hiking at Bukit Sinisian

Although Sabah is located in Malaysia, but their timezone is few hour early than us at Semenanjung. To be able to catch a breathtaking sunrise, we need to woke up around 4 AM and I can assure you it was worth your time! 

Oh and I forgot to tell you that, it is quite cold is Kundasang, so make sure to bring jacket to warm yourself up.
Us with group of people hiking 
Never had I ever brought two shoes for travelling, but for this trip I decided to bring along my hiking shoes! You can see that I'm so pumped for this, like really pumped. 

Bukit Sinisian is also known as Bukit Kristal because its near to homestay named after that (if I'm not mistaken).

You will get an opportunity to climb this hill when you stay in Walai Tokou Homestay and they have package for other activities as well (psst! paragliding).
View on second top of the hill
Honestly, is not that challenging to hike this hill but, at first few trails it does a bit hard to climb. They even put a rope so it would be much more easier to climb up. 

There are also another option where you can bring your car at the top of the hill, I heard that parking is limited, so make sure to come early. But, I suggest you to climb from bottom to up because that's how I feel the sweetness of climbing the hill.

Oh yeap, I even get to witness Mount Kinabalu today! Achievement unlocked. 
Mount Kinabalu is showing up today.

Before we headed to our next destination, we stop by at Borneo Paragliders Club to witness paragliding live in action.

Fish Spa Luanti
Admission Fee: Stated on picture below, Optional: RM 1 (fish food)
Entry price at Fish Spa Luanti
Phew! After that hiking session going out before, its time to take a break. This is really good transition (from hiking and now taking a break), just chilling and let all the Malaysian Mahseer (Ikan Pelian) massage and eat my dead skin.

'Hold my ticklish' face 
Usually I only witness very small fish eating all my dead skin, but this one is pretty big and intimidating. But, when I see Azah being so cool and even play around with the fish, I was like 'nyehh, how that could be intimidating'. 

At first, it was a little bit ticklish but throughout the end, its a therapeutic experienced. Click here for more info about this place.

Poring Hot Spring
Admission Fee: Malaysian Adult (RM3.00) | Below 18 years old: RM 1.00
There are also other fee (such as camera), just click here for more info.

Okay, basically we paid RM 3.00 for conversation fee, which include with the canopy walk as well.

Disclaimer: This conversation fee is valid for one day (or three days for an overnight visitor) to all destinations within the same park.

It was heavily rain when we arrived here, but the hot spring keep us warm. We spend our few minutes just chatting around and play some games (charade) before heading to canopy walk.
Other places to visited beside hot spring and canopy walk.
You guys must think we are crazy to hike again in this raining season. Although it was tiring, but its an opportunity that we need to consider (when are we going to come back here again?) Instead of thinking, just do it (with much consideration).

Make sure to come here before 4PM because their opening hour for Canopy Walkway is from 8 AM until 4 PM only. 
Hike before walk on the longest canopy that I ever been.
At first stop, I was being all action and thought that 'ha, its not that high'. But, when we just keep moving around onto the next stop, I began to feel panic for a while because its getting higher.

You may not know, but I'm afraid of height (even though I don't look like one). Yes I do, but I just need to over calm, for me to able to experienced the nature by myself. 

This is not the end of the Canopy Walkway.

Sunset at Kiau Cap View
Admission Fee: Include the conversation fee that we paid earlier, which is RM 3.

Kiau Gap View is a monument to commemorate the 18 climbers and mountain guide, who lost their lived on Mount Kinabalu during the Kinabalu Earthquake on 5th June 2015.

Its a beautiful place to commemorate all the brave one, may they rest in peace, Al-Fatihah.
View through the camera lenses.
Nothing can beat seeing things with our own eyes.
Timpohon Gate

Places where all the climbers get ready to conquer Mount Kinabalu. Hopefully, someday I will be able to climb the mountain, and scratch of from my wish list.

We arrived at this place around 7.00 PM and it was really dark for me to see anything, but all I can say is I'm really fortunate to witness this beautiful view at their lookout point.
I got you finally, sunset.
Dinner at Intan's Restoran Cafe

I am still in awe by the view that I couldn't think of anything include eating. But, since our stay is quite far from any stall, we decided to get something to eat.

At Intan's Restoran & Cafe they served rice with some soup. They also served other dishes as well. Added to that, we bought some chicken wings located near the restaurant. 

Our total damaged are RM 38.50 (rice,soup, and drink) and RM 12.60 for good amount of chicken wings.

Usually I write a very long entry post, but for this one I decided to choose a tons of picture very wisely to show to you guys this breathtaking view. Hopefully someday you get to experienced it and share this with everyone!

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