March 25, 2018 First World Hotel & Plaza, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Experience -10 Celsius Cold Weather at SnowWorld Genting Highlands!

Finally, a snow in Malaysia! *ehem ehem* I mean in Genting Highlands. Anywho, it was the best time to just dive in cold environment to escape from a hot weather in Malaysia! Therefore, let's talk about the savior of the day, SnowWorld 😆

Snowworld genting highlands curitan aqalili
One of the igloos that will keep you warm!

Genting Highlands itself is quite cold and to make it extra cold, SnowWorld promises an enchanting wintry wonderland at a chilly -6 celsius. But... we actually encountered more than that, which is 10 Celsius! 

That's why after purchasing your ticket, you need to grab a jacket and hand gloves. Plus, if you're wearing a sports shoes you're good to go but, other than those shoes, they will give you a boot to wear. *imagine a Puah Chu Kang boots but in a variety of colors*

Snowworld genting highlands curitan aqalili
Ya'll need this jacket and glove to survive -10 Celsius!
Basically, they have a time slot to enter the snow world, and for each slot, you were given 30 minutes to have fun!

If you take a look at the picture below, you will notice that space are huge. Snowworld actually covers two floors and the best part is ... you can slide down from the 2nd floors! Grab a tire tube, head to second floors and slide down!

While you're doing that, make sure to appreciate the 3D trick art on your right and maybe get some pose with it! 😉


If you're planning to visit SnowWorld or just want to do activities at Genting Highlands, I suggest you buy a combo of two or three attractions, because you can save times and ka-ching! Btw, below are the admission fee for SnowWorld only. 😉

Admission fee:

Child 3-11 years old or above 76cmRM30RM40
Adult 12 – 59 years oldRM40RM50
Senior Citizen 60 years old & aboveRM30RM40
Snowworld genting highlands curitan aqalili
I wish I could eat a slice of hot pizza to ease down the coldness!

I sincerely have tons of fun, plus this is the closest that I could get to feel the snow! Well, I do experiences winter when I traveled, but I never experience snow.  It was such a fun day because I get to spend time with my boyfriend, and it was like we just escape from the reality *work* and just have a blast together!

For more info: SnowWorld or call +603 6101 1118
Address: Level T2A, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highland Resorts, Pahang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:  9.30 AM - 11.20 PM
How to get there: Follow a tour bus or self-drive to Genting Highlands.

Snowworld genting highlands curitan aqalili
Thank you for always accompanying me!

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