March 29, 2018

Aunise: Chewable Beauty Tablets For Skin!

Another supplement review, and yeap this is going to be my first impression on Aunise. To be clear, I will explained about the taste, ingredients and the functions on this post. If you're curious as I am, do check out this blog and leave a comment down below 😉

Aunise Curitan Aqalili
Chewable tablet from Aunise!
There are tons beauty supplements in Malaysia and I somehow lost count. But, this one is the new in town! To be honest, I personally like chewable candy and that's one of the reason I was on board to tried Aunise first product.

As for introduction, I would like to enhance more on the ingredients. Well, there are sucrose, isomalt, blackcurrant juice powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tocotrienol (vitamin e), L cystein, lactoferin, yeast extract and acesulfame-K in the tablets.

So, they have sweetener, sugar, blackcurrant and a mix of tomato, lemon and acai berry. Each ingredients have their own functions such as tomato is full with vitamin c that helps to stighten up the imune system. Lemon help to prevent premature aging and acai berry supposed to help prevent from acne pop on your skin.

Aunise Curitan Aqalili
30 chewable tablets in a Aunise bottle
Since the tablets cointained a fruit ingredients, of course we expect the taste will be fruity and sweet as well. So, the advisable intake for Aunise is 1 tablet in the morning and night only. And you have to consistenly consumed it to help you get the results and...... make sure to drinks a lot of water yea!

Upon consuming Aunise, the functions are to fade the freckles and acne, reduce wrinkle, keep your skin flowing and get rid of scars.

As mentioned above, I can't show the results because this is more of first impression. All I can say it might looks fruity and sweet but it's actually quite sour. I can't stand sour candy, and that makes me quite off a little bit. But, I do like the fruity taste 😁

That's it for now and thank you for those who are reading this blog! I truly appreciate it and let me know which beauty and health product that I should try next. Btw, if you're interested to purchase Aunise product, get more info on purple box down below 😉

Check out Aunise on Website, Facebook or Instagram
Price: RM69 (Promo RM60) exclude postage (SS: RM 8 / SS: RM12)
How to Buy: WhatsApp +60169030203
KKM Number: 060617/05/168 (under food category)

Results may vary from person to person. Stop taking it if there are negative effects. Make sure to seek doctor advice before consuming the supplements. 

Aunise Curitan Aqalili
Tomato, lemon and acai berry is part of the ingredients of Aunise chewable tablets.

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