December 27, 2017

Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr 2017: Food Operator Beats 19 Other Finalist From All Over Malaysia!

It's a second year of Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr and their quest to search for winner just ended with a big hit! Well, let's see what Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) got for us for this year 😆

Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr Unilever Food Solutions
The judges trying out the dishes of contestant Fakhira.
Recap to the early staged of Cabaran RKK that happen few months back : Out of 400 entries, only few of them were choose to compete. All the contestant (20 people to be exact) need to prepare THREE types of gravy recipes.

The 3 types of gravy they were ask to prepared were Curry, Soy Sauce and Lemak. A catch here is you must used Knorr Chicken Stock in every dishes.

Why Knorr Chicken Stock? UFS Malaysia Managing Director, Nusrat Perveen explained:
There is a growing trend of utilising chicken flavour as well to stimulate the tastebuds. So, Unilever Food Solutions is acknowledging these culinary efforts using Knorr Chicken Powder.
 Winning dishes (from left) Masak Lemak Tempoyak Ayam, Ayam Kicap Szechuan and Udang Kari Kering.

The 20 finalist were preparing all their dishes at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM) Campus in Puncak Alam. Out of 20, there are 3 persons that captured all the juries tastebuds.

1. Nur Fakhira Mohd Rosli
2. Mohd Sharifudin Saleh
3. Zaleha Idris.

Can you guess who take the crown? Well, It's Nur Fakhira who won the grand prize by serving creative entries featuring two chicken and one prawn dishes! Here menu is name as Udang Kari Kering, Masak Lemak Tempoyak Ayam and Ayam Kichap Szechuan.

Congratulations to All the Winners!
They were judged based on cleanliness, food presentation and taste. Yeap.... it was a high class evaluation especially when celebrity Chef Mohd Johari Edris (aka Chef Jo), UFS Chef Mohd Hadzrin Mohd Din, Chef Budiman Bistari Mohamed, and Head of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Studies Centre at the Puncak Alam Campus, Dr. Ahmad Esa Abdul Rahman that make an important decision making.

Plus, Fakhira explained the reason why she choose those dishes were due to the differences between others culinary delights, that are different, taste and easily managed within the short period of 90 minutes competition time.

Want to know more about the winner? Click here!

Her hard work paid off because she won the RM25,000 Umrah package plus RM 15,000 cash and hamper!  The best part are, all the contestant walk home with a consolation prize too!

Who knows, I might be joining next year because there are no specification to enter Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr 2018 competition

It's time to prepare for next year Cabaran RKK 2018 and serve our local table and bring the best out of it because great food transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences, even foreigners enjoy the cuisine offered in this wonderful melting pot of different tastebuds! 

The 4 judges (from left) Chef Budiman Bistari Mohamed, UFS Chef Mohd Hadzrin Mohd Din, Dr. Ahmad Esa Abdul Rahman and Chef Mohd Johari Edris (better known as Chef Jo) tasting the dishes of participants.

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