December 29, 2017

One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetics, Publika: Signature 4-step Medical Facial

My last pampering facial was in March, and its definitely due for another! Always hunting for new facial services, I finally landed on a gem that is One Doc Medical. I visited the Publika brand because it was convenient for me, but they have multiple branches everywhere as well!

One of the One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetic branch at Publika.

My biggest concern has always been enlarged pores that collect dirt and builds whiteheads. In order to test the effectiveness of One Doc, I decided to leave my whiteheads alone and check in for before and after.

After receiving consultation and skin analysis from their friendly and informative staff, they recommended the Signature 4 Steps Medical Facial. It smooths skin, reduces pores and lightens pigmentation; directly addressing my concerns. Here are the steps of the facial accompanied by pictures!

They provide a locker with a key for you to keep your stuff!
One of the room.
What's best is that I can enjoy my facial at ease because they provided a locker with a key to secure my belongings! One Doc also does not have any uniform for their customers so it was an eye-opening experience when I had the facial with my own clothes on. This detail never mattered until now and I appreciate the comfort to be in my own dressing!


My beautician for the day was Piqa. She started by cleansing my face before using the vacuum machine to maximise the benefits!

The reason why it is called a hydrofacial is because while removing the dirt deep inside my pores, it hydrates the skin with water. Moreso, it exfoliates the dead skin away revealing bright youthful skin underneath. This eventually reduces acne and oily skin due to the clean pores and evens out the skin tone.

Step 1: Hydrofacial using this machine.

I could feel the machine vacuuming my face clean even though it took some time (due to my overload of whiteheads too). I was satisfied with the precise and thorough cleaning of this step. My skin felt rejuvenated after!

However, do anticipate a little discomfort; after all beauty is pain. Piqa gave me some really good advice on how to reduce whiteheads on the chin when I noticed that she focused on extracting that area too. She told me that it was caused by my amount of meat intake, so take note!

All the dirts that came out from the extractions.


For this step, another beautician stepped in to help out with the facial. Feels good to know that they were serious and thorough with their services! I have tried out laser treatments before but this is different.

The Q-switched Nd YAG Laser will help you to achieve clearer brighter skin. If you do this regularly, it will help to reduce pigmentations, pimples, pores and induces skin tightening. Pluspoint: it takes only 15 minutes to do complete this step!

Step 2: One Doc Signature Laser.
For this laser treatment I didn't have to apply the carbon layer and to be honest I was a bit scared because it will be directly on my skin. But it was just mind play because it doesn't hurt but you at all!

After a short while, I noticed a burning smell and asked the beauticians about it. They explained to me that the burning smell is because of our facial hair. To observe the differences, she did the treatment on half of my face first. I notice my face structure is a little bit different and it doesn't feel dry at all. What do you guys think?

With Laser VS Without Laser treament


For post-laser treatment, this therapy should help the skin to repair, reduce acne outbreak, and promoting skin rejuvenation. Omega Light Therapy is a four-set light catered to your specific skin concerns.

I chose the yellow light which was explained to help to improve skin tones and ultimately reduce pigmentation. I am able to give you guys these advice because the beautician was so knowledgable and friendly, it made me feel like I'm in good hands. Confession: I took a nap because it was so calming! 😴

This is what the machine looks like.
Yellow lights for Omega Light Therapy.


After 10 to 15 minutes of serenity, Piqa returned to massage the One Doc Medical Signature Serum into my skin. It is an infused serum that was formulated by medical doctors to be a highly-absorbent, leave on treatment that improves the appearance of ageing signs, texture and clarity.
My favourite part is that it is suitable for all skin types, and the antioxidants present will protect and hydrate the skin.
Serum Infusion
I apologise for the low quality picture but this is the best that I can get in a very dark room. First she puts on a mask for me and uses a machine to aid absorption. This machine is surprisingly cooling which helps close the pores. Once the mask is off, she applies and massages the serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to seal in the nutrients.
Before and after the treatment.
Up closed before and after. *there are differences due to lighting*


My skin now feels super smooth and clean, it is quite comforting! My complexion looks good in all angles. However, I did react slightly to the facial, my skin felt a little dry, but nothing serious. The whiteheads came back pretty fast to be honest, but skin is influenced by multiple variables like diet and sleep cycle, so always practice your daily cleansing routine and a healthy diet to maintain that glow.

For all of you out there who are interested to experience the One Doc Medical Signature 4 Steps Medical Facial, do visit your nearest One Doc Medical branch, you can refer to to refer easily! You can get your first trial for the Signature 4 Steps treatment for only RM499 (half of the price). All you need to do is call + 6018 210 0886 to book your appointment today!

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One of the One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetic branch at Publika.
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