September 30, 2017 Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), MAEPS Secretariat Building MARDI Headquarters, 43400 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

Weekend Getaway: HPPNK 2017 at MAEPS, Serdang

It's the weekend and what are you all up to? If you don't have a plan, I've something to suggest to you, visit Hari Peladang, Penternak & Nelayan Kebangsaan (HPPNK 2017)! 

Located at MAEPS, Serdang HHPNK 2017 is a version of #miniMAHA event. Hurry up and get your engine started because it's happening now until 1 October 2017 only. If you planning to go there, click read more to get some tips and tricks how to enjoy your time fully at HPPNK 2017!

HPPNK 2017
Tips to enjoy your time at HPPNK 2017: Arrive early in the morning!

Are you looking for parking? and things to do around the event? Here are 7 locations at MAEPS you must know when coming to HPPNK 2017 (for Malay version, click here). You're good to go if you click the link! Don't be afraid of getting lost and strategies your day at MAEPS. My suggestions is to start from the bottom, and then go up to the hall area. Get a map of the event for clearer information πŸ˜‰

Oh! and make sure to bring a trolley or a bag if you are planning to do some shopping around here. There are also tram available to drive you around when you're too tired to walk (been there and I understand your situation!). In case of raining, bring an umbrella or raincoat so nothing can stop you for enjoying the event!

HPPNK 2017
Tram is located at 6 stop only! 
There are 5 attractions you can visit at the outside area: Fruits & Flowers Kingdom, Machinery Showcase, Caravan Tani, Veterinar Faunistika and Mobile CTC. I didn't get to visit all and will show you two attraction only. Let's go!


I'm pretty sure this place is suitable for your kids! They have tons of petting zoo here, where for just only RM5 you get to play around with chicken, rabbit and other pet in one cage!

One of the petting zoo located at the attraction.
I was surprised these animals could stay in one cage only.


Personally, I love this sections because it got two things that I love: flowers and fruits! I really recommend to those who are looking for flowers and fruits to plant on their own land for tons and overwhelming choices. 

I even look around for durian tree since my dad wanted to plant one and I found a stall that sells 4 trees for RM100. Not just that, I also bought different type of mangoes and some rose flower (trying to be good child to my parents πŸ˜‚ ).

Tons of seed for you to choose from!
If you walk a little bit further, there are a tent for you to fill up your hunger. Focusing on 'Fruits on Fire', you can find Durian there! Price for D24 is RM 59 and Musang King is RM199, it's the right time to have KenDurian with your family!

Beside Durian, there are Cempedak goreng, normal pisang goreng and pisang goreng cheese. If you are full but looking for something to quench your thirst, there are kelapa bakar, bucket of juice and some mango shake! Recommend for a hot day.

Get your fruits on fire here!
Look at that creamy texture of Durian!
This is the right time to let your guard down for some Durian.

A bucket full of juice! I prefer the dragon fruit drinks by the way.

It's full of fruits day to me.
Let me tell you that it was a non-stop food hunting journey at HPPNK! I just keep eating and it was the best choice I have ever made. I think it will be okay since it's fruits and it provide tons of vitamins to us, and that what makes Malaysia special: variety of fruits.

After done stuffing around, it's time to visit the hall area. Since I was too full to walk, us bloggers were take to the hall by the tram. Don't worry because I also did some walking after the tour, it was not that far from the outside area to the indoor area.

There are 3 Hall in total and each of them have different things to offer. We went to HALL A first which is the Government & Corporate Exhibition & Expo centre.

Ask around at the information counter! They won't bite you.
Our first stop is at MySeafood booth! When I arrived at the booth, they have some cooking demonstration going around for 'Kuro Prawn' and 'Fish Churros'. We get to taste some of them and my favourite would be Kuro Prawn because I get to taste the freshness of the prawn. Would you be surprised if I said that it's a Pacific West product? Innovative right? Make sure to look out for this box at the exhibition centre and get one!

Kuro Prawn explanation
Don't worry! The black thingy is a charcoal bamboo powder.
Fish Churros!

Rushing through the crowds, we arrived at the pineapple section where you can see a very large pineapple in front of the booth. By the way, it reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants but too bad there weren't any door to enter the house πŸ˜‚

Let's scroll and see all the photos of the booth! 

One of Malaysian blogger, Sayaiday!
Selfie with Orchid is a must!
This is real fruits guys!
Based on picture below, it's an interesting story to tell! The owner of the booth is actually a blogger. Make sure to visit his booth to get your Pineapple drinks (full of sweet and sour).

Pineapple juice.
The owner and one of Malaysian blogger, Iena.
If you are looking for seeds, NAFAS got your back! For only less than RM10 you can get few packets of vegetable seeds. Well, it's time to start gardening and save some money. Plus, you will get to eat fresh vegetables picked right from your own garden. How cool is that?

The main attractions and NEW things to discover here is 'Sate Tuna'. If you are a fan of sate, you need to come to the booth, taste and bought some! I heard they will be doing a demonstration for it on Saturday, so make sure to check their timing.

The staff explained to the customer about the seeds.

Tons of seeds to choose from!
Sate Tuna that you need to try out.

One of the stuff giving out free Sate Tuna to the visitors.
You know what, it's time for some tech stuff. If you happened to visit Agro Bazaar booth and want to bought something from them, it's easy: just download QR Code Scan, scan bar code and you are done! Shopping is so easy and this is definitely great for someone who are rushing at the event.

Scan & buy at Agro Bazaar booth!
You still remember the fruits and flowers kingdom? Well, you can also get your favourite fruits inside of the hall. They have pineapple, melon, banana and some fresh vegetables for sale. 

Freshly cut pineapples.
Received a melon and pineapples from the stall. Thank you so much! My parents are totally happy about this.

Next up, it's time for another hall: Livestock Malaysia. During my visit here, I get to see and taste some innovative stuffs: bird nest soup and local burger meat product. Strange things here, I repeatedly taste the bird nest soup that the chef made, surprisingly it taste really good. I thought it would be a little bit off for me, but it turns out great and good for your body too!

Bird nest!
The soup that I tell you about: there are some mushroom and egg too inside there.

Support local product! Who even though that raisin and oat in a meat would taste that good?

This area will make you go loco, because there are 401 food menu served at food empire in 4 categories: #NostalgicFood, #HipsterFood, #Viralicious Food and #foodgasm. Although they break into different categories, I was still confused what should I eat (I never takes too long to choose but this food empire sure made me do).

Food empire at HPPNK 2017

Tempting! One of #hipsterfood recommendation.
One of food truck that sells affordable sate!
Phew! That was a really long post but it was worth and fun to share with you guys about my weekend. I hope that you will visit HPPNK 2017 and share your experiences in the comment down below. I would really love to read all my readers story and feedbacks from you guys personally!

If you are looking for more information, visit HPPNK 2017 at these three social media account:

One more thing! Can you guess what is the weight of this Lembu Sado? If you can, don't forget to visit their booth because RM20,000 worth of prize is waiting for you. 

P/S: If you are visiting the event, make sure to head down Nafas Cuba @ Mardi(alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan).

Guess and win some prize!

First time seeing a very large cow in front of my eyes!

Hashtag: #HPPNK2017 #MFF2017 #TerimaKasihPeladangPenternakNelayan #OurFoodOurFuture

Aesthetic and creative! You can take a picture with this hola hoop & tudung saji in front of  Hall C.

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