July 18, 2017

Climbing Up Batu Caves with Elysium by Jacqueline K Scarves

It's almost the end of Hari Raya and time to go exercise and get rid all of the food!
I know it might be hard for all the foodies out there, but wearing sports attire might boost up your excitement when exercising. Here I am, at Batu Caves with Elysium by Jacqueline K to do the scarves review especially for hijab girls out there. Here we go!

Before climbing up Batu Caves, a must spot to take a picture!
Just one day before Ansel Elgort climbing up Batu Caves, I went there on Saturday to test the Elysium by Jacqueline K Scarves. But before we start with the review, let's get to know about this brand a little bit.

One of the main seller of outdoor gear in Malaysia, PTT Outdoor is the company that made this scarves to cater the needs of women who craved for adrenaline rush and respectfully wear scarves during it. 

The brand is called Jacqueline K, and for the first series it was named as 'Elysium' which stand for beauty and elegance in Greek. 

Consist of three colours to choose from (Purple, Blue and Active Green) this scarves are lightweight, comfortable fit, cooling fabric, stretchable, doesn't move around during workout, quick dry, no iron needed and with affordable pricing!

Those are the claims about the scarves, does it do what it said? Let's find out!

So far, it's comfortable and doesn't move around.

I'm really keen to try this scarves for swimming but I didn't have a plan to go near the water around this time and this post is long overdue 🙈 🙉 🙊. So, I'm trying so hard to find some idea to test this scarves ultimately and here we are at Batu Caves.

Positive Feedbacks:

First of all, I didn't wear any inner snowcap and it does do what it claim, which it fits. this would be perfect for any activities that involve with a lot of movement because it sticks to your head and we need to thanks to its spandex property! 

Other than that, usually when we wear scarves we need to pin on our neck area right? You won't need that when your wear Elysium and say bye bye to pin mark!

Front view of Elysium by Jacqueline K Scarves.

Back view of Elysium by Jacqueline K Scarves.
I find this material is really cooling, especially when you hiking in a really hot weather in Malaysia. I also stayed dry all the time due to their quick dry feature which is perfect for hikers who need their scarves to dry within a night.

Another feature that I like about this scarves is I don't need to iron! I received the scarves in a tiny box and store it for quite a long time now. After a while there are minimal crumple and it was not that bad if you decided to wear it on the dot.

Negative Feedbacks:

I think the only downside of this scarves is how it fits my face. Don't get me wrong I do feel comfortable but it makes my face looks really round. I know that I will look different when I wear a tudung sarung like this and I try to avoid this type of scarves as much as I can. 

Therefore, I hope that a scarves like this can be adjust (like inner snow cap) how it fits our face feature. 

Inside of scarves: Material, stitching and label. 
Overall it was a really great experience hiking up Batu Caves with it, the scarves is really comfortable and I didn't have to wear inner snow cap, pin and iron which save my time a lot! I would love to bring the scarves to go underwater adventure with me soon. 

Before I end this post, I have a special code for you lovely readers to get RM10 off when you purchase the Elysium by Jacqueline K Scarves  through PTT Outdoor website! 




For more information, visit PTT Outdoor on
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All photo credit to my cute and handsome boyfriend, Azizul.

This scarves will cater to your needs!
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  1. woah! a nice one! kena pakai something yg really comfortable if doing any sports..biat peluh tu tak jadi maslaah!

    1. Aah aah, kena comfortable so far guna tudung Elysium by Jacqueline K ni senang kerja!

  2. bestkan... nanti boleh try pi swimming pulak.

    1. Aah best kak! tu lah haritu plan nak pi swimming, tapi tak tahu la pula dekat mano.

  3. woww panjat tangga batu caves.. tp best kan tudung tu.. selesa bergerak

    1. Batu Caves dekat la juga dengan rumah. Aah kalau buat aktiviti lasak pun tak bergerak, tak payah pin pula tu.

  4. Nampak selesa sangat, nak kena ada satu nie ��

    1. sangat selesa kak sue! tak payah pin mengepin pun.

  5. percaya tak yang I tak pernah singgah lagi Batu Caves ? Lol

  6. wah nice pics taken, until now no go there before the Batu Caves.
    have followed you on GFC


    1. Batu Caves was a great place to test Elysium by Jacqueline K scarves! If you are coming to Batu Caves just let me know, i'll try to be there!

  7. kite pun dah try, memang selesa tudung ni :D