May 24, 2017

Not Your Average Pizza, Anchor Food Professionals Got You Covered!

A leaders in the dairy food services segment, Anchor Food Professionals has launched an exciting campaign which Malaysians can't resist! (drumroll) It's called PizzArt

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Pull & stretch! Look at that cheesy goodness.
I personally love cheese and the cool things about cheese it can be incorporate into so many kind of food, include pizza. But, I usually eat a typical type of pizza, just rounded and go regular or large.

To have the opportunity to look and taste at FIVE types of artisanal pizzas was such a mind blowing. This artisanal pizzas were conceptualised and created by the Anchor Food Professionals' Hot Cooking Chefs.


There are so many reasons to encourage you try it, such as:
  • Pizzas that can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills
  • Can only be made in restaurants with pizza ovens
  • Using finest ingredients such as Anchor Mozzarella Cheese, Butter, Culinary Creams and Cream Cheese.
  • This is an extraordinary, gourmet pizzas.
Now let me introduced you to the the FIVE masterpieces of PizzArt.


This pizza for me is an art masterpiece and I can sense it does takes some times to perfect it. Due to that, it is advisable to ask customer to pre-order this pizza ahead of time. 

What I love about this pizza is because it can be peeled and meant to be share by a lot of people. Other than that, it is not that cheesy like the rest of pizzas, just nice amount of cheese.


Pizza bomb is my second favourite because I can taste everything in a one whole bite (or maybe two). This mini round shape of pizza use mixture of melted herb butter, and top with parmesan cheese. If I feel I need a bit of sauce, just dipped into the sauce given, and it will be full of chewy and a little crunchy at the same time.


It might look small in the picture, but this boat shaped pizza can be share by tons of people. Adjaruli Khachapuri stuffed with THREE different cheeses and a runny egg in the centre of the boat.

I advised you to consumed while its hot because it's cheesy. The only way to enjoy this is to cut the pizza crust and swirl it on the cheesy boat and bon appetit.


This right here is my ultimate favourite! Its convenient to eat on the go and filled with flavourful tuna. I love cheese, but when you eat a lot of cheese it taste quite blend and this mini muffin pizza have a balanced to it: cheesy but still flavourful.

I have seen this pizza was made like a couple of times and finally here they are! This type of pizza is baked in a ceramic bowl with a their own kind method. First it baked until golden brown and then flip over and voila, Pot Pie Pizza.

It is not deep dish, and got its own identity, depends on you the filling can be anything but here its fill with minced meat.

Aqalili Azizan with FIVE wonderful PizzArt!
So, you already got the description of each artisanal gourmet pizza, but there is a last question to be answer.


Don't worry because there are 25 outlets in Peninsula and East Malaysia that you can go and enjoy this good looking and tasty pizza.
  • Movida and U Pizzeria in Klang Valley & Perak
  • US Pizza and Lunarich in Penang, Sky Garden in Kedah
  • Movida in Melaka and Johor
  • Ejohng Concept in Johor
  • The chub's Grill and Mad Ben in Sabah
  • Chillax, Coup De Grill and Bistecca in Sarawak
Get it from May to mid November 2017 at this places and for more info, please visit Anchor Dairy Malaysia, by clicking here.

Linda Tan, Director of Anchor Food Professionals (Fourth from left) accompanied by Anchor Food Professionals’ Hot Cooking Chef; Chef Alex (Second from left) and Chef Noorfiruz (Third from left) presenting the five artisanal PizzArts which are the Pizza Bomb, Adjaruli Khachapuri, Mini Muffin Pizza, Pot Pie Pizza and the Flower Pizza. 
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