May 26, 2017

I Found My Hair Solution at Hairdepot!

I just coloured my hair and I'm in need of solution to get back to that healthy hair look. 
'You know right when you coloured and bleaching your hair it will get damage?'
Yup I am very aware of that but I can't let one of my dream slip out.

So, I try to take care of my hair by doing a lot of research and found that most of the product that I want is at Hairdepot website.

Finally got my hair product that I wanted!

Hairdepot have a tons of hair product at their physical store One Utama. But I heard that they also have an online store at

Beside hair product, Hairdepot also sell baby care product, hair tools and accessories, face mask and many more. I was quite shocked by all the varieties and for me its like ONE STOP CENTRE full of goodness.

But, I have a budget which I need to stick with (not more than RM 250+). So here is my humble haul at Hairdepot

Hairdepot Head Spa, Argan Oil & Hair Btx.

I really want to try putting on Argan Oil onto my hair or face for a longest time now, and since they have a promotion Buy 1 Free 1 for all this three products, I was like aha that was a money saver and decided to grab the Argan Oil !

Among all this three product, I already tried Argan Oil and it was great! The aftermath of coloured hair tend to be more dry and frizzy but when I put this on, my hair feel smooth, less frizzy and it smells so good.

I didn't get to try the other two products yet, which are Hairdepot Hair BTX  and Hairdepot Head Spa. But I will be soon, and write a honest review on that.


I heard that Hair BTX is suitable for bleached or highlighted hair which was the reason I picked this one. 


Another one, since I used hair mask regularly, I purchased head spa as well. I love the packaging because instead of hair mask in a form of individual packaging, I get in form of bulk which will last long and easy to store.

Spacey and helpful staff that will help you to find a solution for your hair!


Besides dry and frizzy hair problem, I have a really bad dandruff problem. When I look around at Scalp Care section, the staff recommend me to try this Midori Scalp Peeling Gel, which I never heard about before. 

I really hope to get my hand on this soon because I can't stand scratching off and I really want clean scalp for once! If you have tried this, please let me know on the comment section below.

Hope to get my hand on Midori Scalp Peeling Gel soon!

I love watching people hair colour for quite some time now, and when I look around at Hairdepot, I found this section of almost 50 + colour choices. To know what colour that they have, click here

I can see that most of the colour is more to earthy tone, and take note that this is not include developer. I was not that much of pro to talk about which developer you should pick, but they have a multiple choices range from 6%, 9% and also 12%.

I'm more to drugstore kind of of girl when it comes to hair colouring product, maybe I will try to try this one soon because I already attract to Nam Ji-Hyun hair colour on Suspicious Partner. Who watch the drama? Hands up!

Midori Colour 3 for RM60? Great deal!

Yeap gais, you read it correctly! For RM 149 you can get hair dryer and also THREE product of Mea Natura. They have two set to choose from, one is for hair product and another one is for body product

I was quiet shock by myself too, RM149 for all is like a really great deal!

Because I love my readers, and I only want to spread the best things to you I want to give you guys something! Feel free to used RM20 e-voucher upon check out on, which will expired on 31st July 2017. Online shopping will get better with this voucher code!

Voucher Code: HBE20J

Till then, thanks for read this post and HAPPY SHOPPING. Last but not least, make sure to 
Treat Your Hair Right!

Which one will be your choice? Happy Shopping love!
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