January 20, 2016 Bali, Indonesia

Bali Trip #3

"People don't take trips, trips take people." - John Steinback

23rd January 2015 (Friday)

The third day of our adventure in Bali and the excitement make us walked to Kuta Beach and had a glimpse of surf boys (ehem, that's for me).  After that quick eye-catching ehem ehem, we waited for our travel guide at Starbucks near to Beachwalk Shopping Centre, and it's time for South Bali tour = Beach time!

  • Nusadua white sand beach 

Before our clothes get all wet, we had to visit Turtle Island. To be able to hold that humongous turtle, our only vehicle to make our dreams came true is by boat!

Thank god I don't have seasick which I think would be horrible if this occur. After few minutes, we arrived at Turtle Island.

Pak Dita and us!

I think it was not that suitable to called it as 'Turtle Island' due do that, there is so much more other animals like an eagle, snakes, and iguana after the gigantic turtle were display at the entrance, but towards the end it doesn't feel much like turtle island. (just an opinion)

  • Water activities

After visiting that island, it's time for some water adventure. We didn't get to capture any image when we were in the water but let me tell you what are the games we managed to play, such as donut watersport and sea walker. 

The only water activity that we played in Nusadua white sand beach is donut watersport.

We played sea walker at different places which at the resort where there are few people and a much more calm environment.

It's great because at Nusadua white sand beach, although it's weekdays but there are so many people and it's not that enjoyable when you are packed like in a sardine tin.

Continue with sea walker, before getting a chance to walked underwater, we have to attend a short brief and then it's time to play with all the fishhh!

For more info about sea walker, click here. I think it's around RP 5,517,000 per person for the activity.

  • Resort lunch
We had a western style lunch at the resort where we do the sea walker. Not much I can tell you about the food, just an ordinary western style food but yeah, of course, our plate is really cleaned since we just came out from underwater.

  • Uluwatu

BEWARE of all the monkeys! Naah, they mean no harm. Well, I totally want to advise you to : please wear something that is comfortable and maybe jeans. I have no idea what I wear during this visit, especially with that maxi skirt. 

Continue... there are a lot of stairs and a journey that might take you for a while to arrived at the main attractions, and totally worth it.

For an info about Uluwatu, click here.

What I love about Bali, is the view, there is no words can explain the view that I get to have on that day. 

  • Jimbaran sunset dinner seafood
Our last pit-stop, of course involve some delicious food!

I love sunset but not all the rubbish that scattered around the beach, it's not smelly at all but my eyes hurt with all of that plastics, etc because I really want to enjoy the sunset view.

It was too bad, I just hope during my next visit, the beach will be cleaned and worth to just running around without put on our slippers or shoes.

Just forget about that negativity for a while, talking about the food, hey hey. Who doesn't love seafood? added with that romantic view, that everyone should be able to enjoyed once in a while. It was awe-wait for it-some, AWESOME!

That's all for Bali Trip #3, thank you who have been followed the continuous post and next post will be the last one for Bali Trip #4. Thanks and see you on the next post! :)


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