January 17, 2016

Bali Itinerary [Part 2]

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place, you occupy in the world." 
- Gustave Flaubert.

22nd January 2015 (Thursday)
The second day of our adventure in Bali and the excitement make us woke up in early of the morning, and it's time for East Bali Tour!

Batubulan barong art and culture performance

It's just so 'not my time to wake up yet' at that time. But it was really great that I can wake up and enjoyed our first stop which full of culture performance.

Well, it took a really long time for me and others to understand the performances. Therefore, we read the pamphlet that was given to us and catch up from time to time. Oh, their customs are really colourful! Thumbs up for this.

So, if you want to know more about this place, click here.

After the culture performance, we do a quick pit stop, get in-depth with the 'art' are in Bali. This was not in our package, it was an unplanned pit stop, and it was an excellent deliberating choice.

Kintamani volcano (lunch overlooking Batur Lake)

Having our second lunch in Bali was not so bad, but the weather is just sooooo cold! For some people who really want to look for a more unobstructed view of Kintamani volcano, they will be heartbroken.

But as for me, I was really enjoyed and 'syukur' for an extraordinary view, like look at the picture below, that is exhilarating for me and it just enough.

Oh, and the food was 50-50, and they served a buffet-style but added the scenery, thumbs up!

Bali coffee, cacao and spices plantation

*Sigh of relieved* because finally we get out from that stormy weather, now it was just lovely and my kind of weather.

"Nak cuba masak kopi? Boleh tangkap gambar sekali."

Yes, this a place where tea and coffee lover will go nuts like my brother, where he tried 'kopi luwak' (picture will be inserted below).

Hello, Luwak!

We managed to buy two only since it was costly. I take a sip out of it, and it tastes bitter and doesn't have that disgusting smell at all (fewh!

I've tried it all, and my favourite was rose tea if I'm not mistaken and chocolate!

If you have an opportunity to visit here, make sure you buy ole-ole for your friends that who really like tea, coffee and chocolate. Their contents in a chocolate bar were almost 95% of cocoa, and it tastes really chocolate-ty.

Tirta Empul (holy spring water temple)

Whenever we visited a temple in Bali, we need to wear a sarong, and it's the same as the mosque too. Women that have their time of the month aren't allowed to enter.

Our tour guide, Pak Dita, told us about the temple a little bit and what I remembered is each of the water, have its own function and you need to complete all of it. 

After walking around the temple, we visit nearby pasar for a while. Survey what we can purchase during our last day in Bali for our family and friends.

Ubud palace and centre

We don't spare much time in Ubud palace because we arrived pretty late. Hence, we walked around the shops that they have there.

Dinner at the smoke duck

It was a pleasant dinner, even though the sun already came down, but still, it was enjoyable. Oh did I mention, smoke duck is one of food that must try in Bali? Yes, there are! I enjoyed eating food that out of my comfort zone, so this is the starter to everything.

Day two is really long, we were total blackout when we put our head on that puffy pillow.

Till then, see you on the next post!

By the way, all of this beautiful picture was taken by my eldest brother.

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