December 21, 2018

This is really hard for me to write BUT Here are 5 Lessons That I Learned In 2018... (Career Edition)

One of the reasons I never write something personal for this blog because I scared that people might twist what I'm writing and misinterpret of what I'm going to say. But as a whole, I am a really private person, I rarely share anything in-depth about my family, friends, and work.

tokyo japan curitan aqalili
I still feel like 24-years old. Photo by Aqalili Azizan
Now, here I am writing based on feedback from two good friends of mine and the topic is career ups and down and what I learned from it.

Back to history...

After I graduated around 2017, I decided to get some rest and do my own things like this blog, video shooting and editing. Basically, freelancing. 

When the time is up (8 months to be exact), I decided to look out for a job.

After several interviews, I got my first full-time job at a startup company and it was my dream job (content marketing in travel and food industry). 

The first lesson that I learned from here is to... Pick up some skills even by yourself.

At that time, video and writing industry is blooming and I would say it's a very demanding skill set. So, I was fortunate enough to learned video shooting, editing, social media management, designing and writing from my studies day. 

8 month goes by, I jumped and followed my boss where they came out with a new beauty platform. 

This is where things get a bit bumpy...

Second, don't keep everything to yourself. Seek help.

I was trying to be a tough girl (at that time I'm still a child). So, I hold on to myself most of the part that I'm hurting. I act like I'm okay but truthfully I'm not. I will say bad words to cover up my emotions, I become rude as a person. That's the character that I play in front of people. But, when I'm alone, I cried, I blame myself, questions myself am I good enough and that's when I know I need some help.

I talked to my parents, fiancee and a best friend of mine about this. After I let it all out, I felt relieved. They are the reason why I keep moving forward and taught me if I did something wrong, apologize. If I did something right, fight for that justice.

kagoshima japan curitan aqalili
We still have a long way to go, my dear self. Photo by Aqalili Azizan

Third, let go of your ego.

This rule applies when you made a mistake. Simple. To be honest, I am a stubborn girl and before I'm 25 years old, it was hard for me to even admit my mistakes. I guess work makes me matured and I try so hard not to repeat the same mistakes that I shouldn't. As a human, sometimes, I do forget. 

After 4 months, something happened and the company closed down. 

I have a lot of commitment at that time and I need a job that I love and I need it faster. Pronto. Clearly, back to square one and I realised at that time, why not I venture into a professional industry because I clearly need to learn from experiences person/company in writing. 

After 4-5 interviews, I got a job!

Fourth, don't ever give up in your life.

Yeah, a bit cheesy but by not giving up you are one step ahead of your dream. It's going to be a bumpy ride, like usual but that is a journey that you live for. I don't think I'm a perfect writer yet because I still have a lotttttt to learned and improved my worst enemy, grammar. 

Fifth, know your passion and dream.

I'm a type of person that pushed myself really hard until I explode.

Becoming a great writer is one of my main dreams (I REALLY MEAN IT) and without that dream or passion to keep on learning, I would not be able to do it. My advice is to take your time. I know that we are running out of time but at least we must make a best out of it.

I'm Aqalili Azizan, 25 years old crybaby and this is 5 things that I learned during my career journey in 2018. I do admit that I made some mistakes and it's time to move on and let it all go. 2019 Kaja! 

By the way, I would love to hear your story too so don't forget to share as 'anonymous' on the comment down below! 

kagoshima japan curitan aqalili
Fly high and achieve what you want! Photo by Aqalili Azizan

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  1. Wow I am happy to see you growing and having great improvements from time to time.

    Continue your hardwork and you shall succeed till the end.

    I love you.

    1. Let's strive for the best till the end :)

      I love you too!

  2. pembakar semangat ni.

    lepak soon adik <3