August 24, 2018

I'm a Malaysian Althea Angels!

Althea has been known for their extravaganza in celebrating a birthday. I have seen tons of boxes that they sent to influencer and having a dream receiving them someday. Well, dreams do come true and I have become one of their Althea Angels! 🎉🎉🎉

althea angels curitan aqalili

Althea is a platform that delivers authentic K-Beauty products, and I've been purchasing from them tons of times that including their own brand. So, when I get the opportunity to be one of the Althea Angels, I'm psych because their new collaboration is daebak!

althea angels curitan aqalili
Pretty Althea Angels boxes!
Pink is synonym with Althea, you will get their pink box and parcel upon (directly from Korea). When I received this welcome gift, I felt really exclusive and thankful to be part of Althea Angels! Let me show you what we have in this boxes. A surprise is coming~

1. Althea Love Letter

althea angels curitan aqalili
Use this code yea to get 10% OFF.
Nothing can beat a letter from your loved ones and for me, that's included, Althea. I understand that it's a responsibility to be in the community and I want to do very best for it. Therefore, I will try to keep improving taking products photo and write an honest and informative review.

By the way, don't forget to use promo code: ALTHEATURNS3 to get 10% off your purchase. The code will be expired on 30 September 2018, so make sure to use it!

2. Althea Eco-Friendly Bag

althea angels curitan aqalili
High-quality eco-friendly bag!
I love tote bags and this totally adds to my collections. Can you imagine Althea Angels box can fix into it and other small bags too? Awesome right! Actually, Althea has a promotion that if you buy at a certain amount you will get this bag. I hope that will come back soon if they do grab it while you can.

3. 'Spread Your Wings' Makeup Bag

althea angels curitan aqalili
A large makeup bag that can fit your makeup and skincare in one go.
All the items in the box is a need for me, I don't have a makeup bag and because of Althea, I received one. Usually, I just use a ziplock bag that I bought from IKEA and voila, travel beg! By the way, this makeup bag can fit both of 'Real Fresh Skin Detoxer' without the box. Spacious!

4. Althea Birthday Miniatures Book

althea angels curitan aqalili
Take a creative photo with these miniatures and Fly Me To Korea!

Every birthday, Althea surprise us and this year is no exception. They came out with the contest and you win a trip to Korea. If you love to get crafty and creative, I really recommend you to enter 'Fly Me to Korea' contest. Hurry up because it will close on 31st August 2018!

5. 'Spread Your Wings' Hand Mirror

althea angels curitan aqalili
Cute hand-mirror for travel ✔
This hand mirror is so cute and I should use this often! And it's not heavy at all thus, you can bring it to travel. Well, I think all the items in the box is made for travel and beauty enthusiast in on go! 

6. Althea X Get It Beauty - Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose & Green Tea

Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Curitan Aqalili
Rose or Green Tea? Which one is your choice for this 10-second wash off the mask?

The surprise just keeps on coming to Althea Angels and we get a first hand on Althea X Get It Beauty collaboration! I know right, Get it Beauty is a famous Korea beauty show and this is just too awesome. The best part is with just 10-seconds, you can get either skin refining (Rose) or skin purifying (Green Tea). I have made a short review of it on my Instagram and the full review is COMING SOON! 

Let's share something if you were given a choice. Which items from this box you would like to have? Leave on the comment down below, who knows these items might be yours too! #AltheaAngles


althea angels curitan aqalili
Going to review my RM120 haul in a bit!

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