April 2, 2018

Jakarta Trip: Paramore Tour Four Jakarta Concert Postponed, Roaming Around Tangerang!

 I should probably post this up in February but I was quite devastated to share this experience with you guys here on my blog. Anyhow, I realized that I shouldn't sort and show only happy things to the readers (as we're human it's okay to be sad). So, here goes nothing.

jakarta paramore tour four Curitan Aqalili
From Malaysia to Jakarta & the concert is postponed

This is a legit first time that I do something crazy like this and why do I say that? Because I decided to fly to Jakarta alone and meet my friends over there for the concert. It happened during Chinese New Year (thank god for public holiday), and for me it just a perfect time to do crazy stuff like this.
Yeap, basically I was just really speechless, not sure how to react to the postponed. But I was really disappointed when they actually know earlier than us. Click here for the timeline of the incidents and here for the statement from the organizer.

Overall, it actually quite inconveniences because I didn't have any plan for the first day except for the concert. But, someone (vonnada & ramfaul) are really kind enough to bring us to eat at Restoran Sederhana near the venue and calm us down! It's my first time meeting them, but they're the sweetest! (sincerely, thank you so many guys ☺️)
restoran sederhana jakarta curitan aqalili
Our meal at Restoran Sederhana near the concert venue
After having a meal, we head to the apartment and chill out, take a breather of what actually happened. 

Since this is my first time to Jakarta, I have the urge to walk around the city although the sadness from the concert incidents just too overwhelming. So, we decided to get a dinner in Senayan city. 

As I told before, I went to Jakarta alone and for safety reason, my dad decided to hire a supir for me. If you're interested to roam around Jakarta but mostly I would recommend for Bandung (his hometown), you can contact Opik at +62 813 9463 0497. Let's start with the adventure, shall we? 

1. Sate Taichan 87 "Bang Ocit" at Senayan 


Local's always know to bring out the best in their country! I love the vibe of this place and looking forward to the food. When I traveled, trying new food will be on top of my list. So, we tried sate taichan and tahu.

The sate that I taste is different here, they served lemon or sambal instead of peanut sauce in Malaysia. I like it here and would come back here at night to get some sate! Get more info about the place through here.

2. Get Some Rest at Pop! Hotel BSD Tangerang 

Pop! Hotel BSD Tangerang  Curitan Aqalili
Pop! Hotel BSD Tangerang
Don't mind my face because you know I have a good rest at this hotel and trying to forget all things that happened yesterday. It was a good rest because I was alone and I get all the large bed to myself. 

The main reason I choose this hotel because I have stayed on the same franchise in Bali. Second, it's near to the concert venue and third, it's near McDonald's (side by side) so I can grab some food easily.

I paid RM219 for 2 nights (exclude breakfast), but all the rooms get 2 towels, free bottled water, shampoo, shower gel, safe box and television (they have TvN Channel). If you're interested to stay at Pop! Hotel, book your stay here. 

Btw, do bring your own toiletries or you can purchase one from the hotel at IDR 10,000.

3. Breakfast & Start My Day in Situ Cipondoh


So, I have one day left to roam around Jakarta and I have some plan. Since my hotel is in Tangerang, I decided to play around that area. My first choice would be Situ Cipondoh since its just around 30 minutes from the hotel.

I decided to get my heavy breakfast here and just enjoy the day. When we arrived here, you have to pay IDR 5,000 for parking, IDR 10,000 entrance fee and boat (optional) for IDR 10,000 per person.

I heard you can also fishing at the lake and you can either bring your own gear or rent at the place! When you feel tired, there are few choices of food for you to get. Toilet and praying spaces are available too 😁

4. I'm Singing My Blue~ at Cigaru Blue Lake

It took around 2 hours to get here  from Situ Cipondoh and the road are challenging! I don't know about you, but I'm willing to drive in Korea rather in Indonesia because I saw how challenging it was with all the traffic jams and such. 

Get back to the topic, once you arrive at Cigaru Blue Lake, you have to pay IDR 10,000 for parking and as you can see on the picture above, if you want to get into the boat the fee would be IDR 10,000 or 20,000 (forget already) per person.

They said, the blue color in the lake occur naturally and depends on weather, pH or algae, the colour will be a change to yellow colors.

Once you on the boat, be careful to not get your shoes wet and just enjoy taking tons of photos at the lake 😉

If you're hungry, you can get a bakso (noodles with Indonesian meatball) for IDR 15,000 just near your parking spot.

5. Get Some Batik Shopping at Block M

batik blok m curitan aqalili
Batik galore!
After surviving traffic jams and enter the city back again, I decided to do the last minute shopping at Blok M. I bought some for my whole family and it cost around IDR 390,000 for 2 pants for the ladies and 5 batik shirts for the guys.

The locals said there are few shops that sell batik at a more cheaper price but since I'm out of time, Blok M is a good choice for me at that time. You can bargain at Blok M especially if you buy tons at one shop only. If you have another place to shop for batik in Jakarta, leave a comment down below 😉
So, that's my 2 days 1 night in Jakarta, I have ups and downs during this trip. Spend quite an amount of money in a really short amount of time. I know it's my choice but for the first timer who went outside Malaysia for a concert, I kind have a trauma to do so in the future. Anywho, if you have the same experiences as me, would love to know your story too! Till then~

jakarta paramore tour four curitan aqalili
At least I get to bring back the official merchandise (IDR 400,000) back to hometown *trying to keep my head up*

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