December 25, 2015

Bali Itinerary [Part 1]

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

So here is the thing, I went to Bali from 21st January until 25th January 2015, which means I procrastinate a long time to do this post.

Well, nothing much to say, I need to have a good mood, clear mind away from my hectic semester... and here we go:

21st January 2015 (Wednesday)

Since our flight is on early of the morning, we need to get to KLIA 2 three hours before our plane took off. 

After Subuh prayer, my dad sent us off, but there is some misfortunate incident...the car have a flat tyre. Well, I'm started to panic inside and overthinking that maybe this is the sign to not get into the flight, but my dad managed to pull it off quite fast and changed the tyre (SUPER DAD).

-fast forward-

We (Mom, eldest brother, younger brother, second brother with her wife and son) managed to get into the aeroplane, and enjoyed our flight to BALI!

Since this is my first time getting on the plane, I am really excited and feel a bit overwhelmed. But, thank god I didn't throw up or do anything that might offend the other passengers.

Proper picture of us upon arrival

We didn't do backpacking style since it is a family vacation (exclude my dad because he told us that he went to Bali for countless time). Therefore, we hired a tour guide, which named is Pak Dita, I would recommend Pak Dita for your first-timer vacation to Bali, if you guys interested, just leave a comment below or send me an email to

Our itinerary was full for all four days, but we didn't cover one part, which is the are where we can enjoy the view of dolphins. Basically, this is our itinerary in simple form:

Pick up at Bali international airport at 12.30 pm.

Good thing that Pak Dita can pick us up from the airport, if not I wouldn't guess where we will be headed to.

Lunch local food malioboro (ayam tulang lunak)

I enjoyed eating their ayam tulang lunak where, we can eat the chicken, including the bones. It was so soft, and it just melts in my mouth when I eat it, and it was a good start for the day upon the arrival.

Tanah lot temple

On our original itinerary, we didn't get to visit any place on our first day, so this is a last-minute decision, which was AWESOME! The view is just outstanding, and the waves that run through all of the rocks was just mind-blowing. I'll just let the pictures do all of the talking.

Check-in at POP hotel.

For a first-timer in Bali, I know this will sound cheesy, but it's open my eyes to whole new world since this is my first time and I being so 'jakun' all the time because it's outside of Malaysia. It's something that we can't see every single day.

So back at the hotel, we just charging our gadgets and prepare for the next day.


It's the end for the first day at Bali, I will post it accordingly, and there might be a long post so I will put a lot of pictures to not make you bored. See you at Bali Trip #2 post!

By the way, all of these beautiful pictures were taken by my eldest brother.

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