January 23, 2018

Let's Talk About Copyright & How To Register Under MyIPO!

Whatsupp guys! So well, last month I have already explained briefly about protecting your ideas with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) but today I'm going to get in-depth into one of the topic: Copyright! Let's learn about this together, shall we?

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I'm pretty sure all of you out there have seen this symbol: © but do we actually know what the symbol means? Well, that brings us to the first question of today, what is copyright?

According to MyIPO, Copyright is the exclusive right to control creative works created by the author, copyright owner, and performer for a specific period governed under the Copyright Act 1987. 

Since the protection act is established, we can see that they encourage people to acknowledge their rights in creating and also to secure their creativity in a way.

Imagined you're a scriptwriter for a movie, and your film becomes a big hit. Then, someone recorded it and make a money out of piracy items (illegal CDs, DVDs or online). I'm pretty sure as the owner, you felt its unfair to be treated that way.

That's why its really important to know your rights and to register your work under MyIPO. Well, here are the some of the works that are fit for copyrights:

literary works, musical works, artistic works, films, sound recordings, 
broadcast & derivative works.

How Long the Copyright Will Last?

Now, you have already know the items that eligible to opt for copyright, let's break down to the duration of copyright lasted.

  1. Literary, Musical or Artistic Works: This category shall last during the life of the author plus 50 years after his death.
  2. Film, Sound Recordings and Performer: They will be covered for 50 years  from the work was published, fixed in a fixation for the film and sound recording. For performer, the   copyright work shall remain from the performances was perform or fixation in a sound recording.
  3. Broadcasts: Either wire or wireless, the period for 50 years shall be computed from the day the broadcast was first made.

Your Rights as Copyright Owners

If you want to do Facebook Live at the cinemas, you might have to think twice because the Copyright owners have the rights to file against you. They can charge you with legal rights including the rights to enforce their copyright works in cases for infringement either by civil or criminal action. 

Who will be in charge of the cases? Well for criminal prosecution, the Enforcement Division of Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MTDCC) or Royal Malaysian Police.

One of copyright case, where someone illegally broadcast this movie on FB Live / Source: Finas

Second rights would be in terms of economic. If you're be given the rights to used the copyright items (reproduction, communication to public, perform, showing or playing to the public, distribution & for commercial rental). The owner have the rights to received financial reward by the user for commercial purposes. 

Last but not least, moral rights. Break into two points, moral rights contain paternity & integrity rights. Paternity is more towards stating that its his or her own the creation. While, integrity rights is authorising the author to prevent any users to modified the original work that will affect author's reputation.

Copyright Infringement

If you read from the start to the end, we shouldn't be violating any of the rules. But, if we did (even unintentionally), maybe we should refer to this list below as a reminder:

  • reproduces in any material form, performs, shows or plays or distributes to the public,
  • imports any article into Malaysia for the purpose of trade or financial gains;
  • makes for sale or rent any infringing copy;
  • sells, rent or by way of trade, exposes or offers for sale or rent any infringing copy;
  • distributes infringing copies;
  • possesses, otherwise than for his private and domestic use, any infringing copy;
  • exhibits in public any infringing copy by way of trade;
  • makes or has in his possession any contrivance used or intended to be used for the purpose of making infringing copies

Well oh well, it seems a lot to understand right but I can assure you that it's worth it because you get an assurance that your works are safe and sound. But, if you are interested to register, you can refer to the procedure or flow chart on the picture below:

Flow Chart Copyright MyIPO Curitan Aqalili
Flow Chart of Copyright process by MyIPO

Even though the flow chart looks intimidating, but I can see that MyIPO is preparing tons of info and ease the process. You can also print all the forms on your own, submit and voila you're just one step ahead to have the rights to your own works! 

Well, I think it's the right time to register copyright for Curitan Aqalili (💜  this blog ). By the way, have you encounter any copyrights issues in your life? Make sure to share your thoughts on the comment down below! 😚

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Working hard on your masterpiece? Get it protected with MyIPO! / Source: Unsplash

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