March 8, 2017

Try & Test: My Banana Uyu #lokal

Another Banana Milk Malaysia in the house and if I'm not mistaken this is the third and last one you can find in Malaysia.

But, if you encounter another one beside Lukal Milk, Omo Banana Uyu and this one, My Banana Uyu, just let me know in the comment box below.

Actually, I planned to included this one on this video (click here), but something went wrong on that day and we managed to taste only two local brand.

First of all, thank you to the owner, Kak Yan for contacting me and even sending this personally to me. I really appreciate your time and hard work. See... its easier to get our hand on this one, because they do Cash On Delivery!

250 ml My Banana Uyu
Before I start reviewing, I'm going to tell you a little bit about My Banana Uyu.

My Banana Uyu started around last year. In order to perfect the taste, they run a taste test around five times, but not to a regular people. The best part is, they give it to a person that already taste the Korean version of banana milk. 

So yeah you can see that she really wanted to perfect the taste of it in making sure you get to taste similar to the original one. That's why it was labeled as inspired by Korean Banana Milk.

150 ml of My Banana Uyu drinks
My Banana Uyu have two types of bottle, 250 ml and 150 ml. Plus, they also give me the normal one and another one, extra creamy (on the picture below) to taste. 

Normal version is kind of sweet for me, but it actually taste similar to the Korean version, which was like WOAH! 

Besides the other two brand, I think this one will be my new favourite after Binggrae. I recommend you to drink this while cold because its really refreshing.

Extra Creamy
150 ml of Extra Creamy My Banana Uyu (Bulb Bottle)

This bulb bottle is my favourite because it easy to grip, and I enjoy the last bit of it. But, I found out that, this one is much more creamier and sweet than the normal one. 

I personally think that, this version will make to the market here locally, because most of Malaysian have sweet taste bud.

Li-Anne Dias GIF via
Personally, I like the normal version because:
1. It taste almost similar to the Binggrae which was like a big point for me. 
2. The aftertaste is not that strong compare to the extra creamy version.

So, to make sure you enjoyed drinking this without wasting, the expiry date is one week (if you don't open it), if you open and put outside of the refrigerator it will last you around 3 hours. Once you open and store inside refrigerator, it would last to 12 hours.

Why it does not last long? because they used premium fresh milk and made to order! And oh do you know they used brown sugar instead of white sugar. 

The Dodo Animated GIF via
Grab My Banana Uyu (like this cat) on Instagram: OR
Contact: Kak Yan at +6012 709 2575

They accept bulk orders for occasion, and you can choose the type of bottle, size and also the taste!
1. Taste: Normal or Extra Creamier
2. 250 ML for RM5 or 150 ML (3 bottle for RM10).
3. Bottle: Menthol, Small and 250 ML.

If you already try My Banana Uyu, don't forget to share your though on the comment box below! 

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