March 30, 2017

Try & Test: Beauty Eclipse Homemade Scrub & Mask

Last week I post about my boots addiction, but this week I will be reviewing a local beauty product from Beauty Eclipse.

I'm so thankful because they send me this product to test and give a feedback. First of all, I love this product because its like I received a gift for my birthday! Look at that packaging:

Beauty Eclipse came out with two product which are, Black rice & Oat Soothing Mask and Brown rice & Oat Brightening Mask. This product is a natural homemade product made from high quality rice and oat (import from Australia). NO CHEMICAL, I repeat NO CHEMICAL.

I tried this 2 in 1 Scrub Mask on 21/3, 23/3 and 25/3/17. On first day, I made a How-To video below whilst others I just capture before and after pictures.

So, you already saw the differences between pictures and I'm going to tell you what I felt about this products.

1. Black Rice + Oat Soothing
Black rice is rich and high with antioxidant and vitamin E and it helps to clean out pores. When I mix the product, I just love the smell of it, sweet and milky. 

2. Brown Rice + Oat Brightening
Rich with fibre, protein and mineral, this mask will put nutrient to my face. It will help with new skin cell growth and give smooth brighter skin.

I agree that my skin is dull and got that uneven skin tone, but after used this for 2-3 days last week my face do feel smooth and brighter. The smell calming me down. I suggest you to put on when you are stress.

Apart from mask, it also act as a scrub. Its a bit rough for the skin, just make sure you scrub it slowly and gentle.

From my opinion, its a great product because of 2 in 1 feature and it worked. I just have to used this constantly to get silky smooth skin.

Please watch How-To Video that I made stated above, its easy to follow and there are a bit of info about this product and also before and after on 21/3/2017 too!

Beauty Eclipse have promotion from now until 1st April 2017. Their 'Buy 2 bottles for RM 25' will end soon, and switch back to normal price which is RM 35 for 2 bottles.

If you are interested, visit their Facebook at Hope you trying it!

That's all for today post, I would love to hear your feedback at comment box down below and let me know if there any products you want me to try.

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