February 3, 2017

My First Yee Sang at Dolly Dim Sum

Heard that guys! I have been wanting to do Yee Sang for such a long time and it's a dream come true! I know I know, it just a vegetables, but apart from that I'm actually keen to do the toss.

Do you know that, all three Dolly Dim Sum restaurant (Avenue K, NU Sentral and Pavilion Elite) are having Gong Xi Fa Cai Yu Sang Specials until 11th February 2017.

I experienced the feast at Pavilion Elite. It have capacity of 80 seats and inspired by a traditional kitchen. Personally, I really like all the decorations, it was just so calm, pretty with all of the wallpaper and I like the bamboo basket decoration inside the store.

Prosperity Set Menu
Prosperity menu is ideal for 5 or 10 pax only, but if you keen to try it, you can always order this as ala carte. Other than this set, they also have Happiness menu which different from the other menu. For more information, you can head down to their website http://www.dollydimsum.com or Facebook page!

Source: Dolly Dim Sum Facebook 

Look at those colourful Yu Sang. The most exciting is I get to taste the freshness of salmon and all of the vegetables!

Three Treasure Crab Parcel
You can say why they named it as Three Treasure Crab Parcel. The sauce looks like treasure because it's gold in colour. You can actually taste the crunchiness of the crab parcel. The crab filling and the sauce taste was fine. Truthfully, I am not a fan of crunchy wrappers that much, so it does apply to this too. But hey, if you like crunchiness , this is for you.

Spicy Szechuan Dumpling
Time for some dumplings! Spicy Szechuan Dumpling have a prawn and chicken filling with a spicy tangy sauce. For me, it does not that spicy, just a regular spice that most of us can handle. The dumpling kind of soothing the taste bud, but I just hope the can put a little more of filling (heavy eater).

Yam Croquette
If I'm not mistaken, they served us with this first, and then come the rest of it. I would rather start with the dumpling first because this kind of hard to eat for me. It might seem small in the picture, but it's actually quite big. 

I actually wondered how they made this, it's quite generous and 50-50 of crunchy and melted in your mouth kind of way. But, if I didn't know the ingredient in it, I just probably think that this was made from egg, surprisingly it's made from yam. That's kind of cool.

In terms of taste, it kind of plain for me, I think it would be better with some sweet sauce, like the one we ate with Yau Char Kuai.

Prawn Cheong Fun
I love any kind of glutinous rice cake texture, from mochi, dumpling, dim sum and cheong fun. I like this but I found some of the cheong fun doesn't have equal filling, I think because they were kind of slippery. 

The homemade belachan was great, if you doesn't want to eat straight away from the sauce, that would be a good choice.

Stir- Fried Broccoli with Scallop
Who doesn't love broccoli? I do! It was first time eating it with scallop, but hey it's worth to try. The scallop taste kind of fishy but I love this kind of stir fried style, because it was not that oily and it doesn't need a lot of seasoning due to the fresh ingredients.

Stir-Fried Chicken in Dolly Special Sauce

Looks like Thai Mango Salad, but replaced it with chicken. This was made with their special sauce and I think it would be nice to eat with rice.

Royal Golden Fried Rice
Golden and bright! Looks like this fried rice is full of prosperity. It was simple, but they hype it up by adding  prawns and ebiko (fish egg). Due to all of the addition, we can called this as seafood galore, but it does taste a little bit bland for me. But, you can just ate this with the stir-fried chicken above!

 Chinese New Year Happiness Kuih
This is called nian gao, and I think it's similar to Kuih Koswi. The combination of sticky rice cake with coconut are just great. Plus, this is homemade!

Mango Delight
I like this one, but I prefer without any toppings because that creamy of the mango juice are just so delightful! Plus, it was great to end the meal with this one.

Nope nope you must thought this was the last one right? But no.

Yes, we were surprised by this cuteness overload ' Rooster Sweet Bean Dumplings'. 
I thought Mango Delight is the sign where we end the course, but thankfully it's not!

It was so cute and you kind of feel guilty to eat this, but I got to taste it no matter what.
For me, its actually quite sticky, and the fillings was just nice amount for this dumplings.

Overall, it was a dream come true for me and it was nice to found a HALAL dim sum place near me. But I'm actually looking for other option, let me know if you guys know any Halal Dim Sum place at Klang Valley in the comment box below! 

Rooster Sweet Green Bean Dumplings
Visit Dolly Dim Sum at
Avenue K
NU Sentral
Pavilion Elite 

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  1. I can understand your exuberance in tossing the yee sang. I look forward to it every year! By the way, loving the rooster dumplings. They are too cute.

  2. Mango Delight is actually one of the fav of any chinese dessert. I've taste it before and it was really delicious.

  3. oh... i missed out on the cute rooster dim sum.... hahaha.... it's so cute... i love dolly dim sum... very tasty...and best of all, halal

  4. Wow the food look delicious. Haven't try out Dolly yet. wish to try them out one day