February 11, 2017

Hyo-Sun: Taste of Homemade Korean Fried Chicken

We might as well agree that we (Malaysian) love to eat chicken more than fish, it was our MUST have food. Another one that we can't forget is rice! Yeap, I couldn't live a day without eating rice. I will consumed it at least one plate of rice per day.

Therefore, I have found just a right place for you to try. Located at The Curve, Damansara, Hyo-Sun is your next stop because, nothing could go wrong with chicken and rice.

Love the decorations and vibe!

Hyo-Sun specialises in a wide range of homemade Korean fried chicken flavours such as Honey, Spicy and Crispy. The best part is, the food are cooked upon order and they have unlimited rice as an option in their combos. I repeat, UNLIMITED!

Besides chicken and rice, Hyo-Sun offered a range of side orders, rice dishes, and Kimchi noodles. Other than that, they also have a range of  Korean Street Food, like Pajeon (Korean Pancake) and Mandoo (Fried Dumpling).

Enough talking about the menu, let's get real with some photo and review!

Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Korea food is well known to offer a tons of side dishes. Therefore, we can't run from it and Hyo-Sun served side dishes upon ordering lunch/dinner value course. They served with peanut, Kimchi and a slice of watermelon. 

You can see that, it's a Malaysian style because so far in any Korean restaurant that I went, they served me wuth three variety of kimchi and doesn't include fruits like Hyo-Sun offered.

I like the peanuts, and the kimchi was okay for me. It had that spice and doesn't taste to acidic like the one that I have always have. I would say it was made to suite a Malaysian tastebud.

Mandoo (Fried Dumplings)

I am a fan of dumpling, and so far my favourite would be at the one of the stall in RASA KLCC. 

Honestly, I am not a fan of this fried dumpling, not because of the filling, but because I'm not fan of crunchy dough. 

Otherwise, it had that a nice taste to it because the filling consist of prawn, carrot, spring onion and cuttlefish. If you want added a little bit of kick to your tastebud, I recommend you to eat it with the sauce given.

Pajeon (Korean Pancake)

Another side order coming through and we all seen this all over Korean drama/variety shows. Korean have variety types of pajeon, some were made with potato starch (like in Family Outing), but we usually see a spring onion version.

Hyo-Sun version is a mix of spring onion, seafood, chilies and as always served with soy sauce. On the menu, they put a chilies symbol, which I assumed will be a bit spicy, but turns out it was not at all.

It was a bit overwhelmed for me, and the pancake batter is a little bit thick. It kind of like I'm eating a semi-cook pancake. 

All of the toppings was cooked perfectly, but I think they might afraid to overcook the toppings because they might cook it first. Therefore, they cut time short on perfecting the pancake batter.

Fried Chicken Ball

The third side order menu is a chicken breast. It was cooked with crispy powder and salted egg. So, you can really taste the salted egg, but I think it was a little bit salty for me. I like how they cook the chicken, it was so soft and easy to eat due to the shape.

Breast Strips

Marinated with their fresh fragrance signature rice powder coating, breast strips is boneless and easy to eat (thumbs up for that). Customer have three choices, either to order the 4 pieces, 8 pieces or 12 pieces. 

Honestly, it feels like you are eating a rice cake, but this time around with a chicken. It added a crunchy taste to eat, which is great. 

But, I only can eat one to two of this because taste kind of bland if you eat it along. But, if you eat with the additional sauce, its better.

The funny story is, we tried to taste the sauce all over again just to guess what are the ingredients in it. It taste different and really interesting.

Deep Fried Calamari

Ohh I love this and I was surprised variety of Hyo-Sun menu. Deep fried calamari is a marinated cuttlefish that was fried with crispy powder and salted egg.

I know that fried chicken ball also have a salted egg, but what I like about this one is because its not too salty. I can't stop eating this, and it was one of my favourite.

Crispy Course

Here we go with one of the Hyo-Sun signature Korean fried chicken. It was like a normal fried chicken, but with an extra crunch. What I like about Korean fried chicken is, they are easy to eat because the chicken is just nice for me to hold.

For all the three flavours you can choose either chicken wings and drumette and chicken drumstick, either 4, 8 or 12 pieces. But, the differences is, crispy course offer an additional sauce to spice it up a little bit.

Honey Course

Look at that glazed of honey! My stomach is growling the moment I see this photos. It was said that Honey course is a customer favourite. I can see why, because it had that sweet, crunchy taste to it. 

It taste like a healthy meal due to the honey element, and it might be a good reason for you to eat tons of this.

Spicy Course

They said that honey course is the popular choice, but for me spicy course wins my heart. I like spicy food although I can't handle spicy properly. 

This is for those who is like me (can't handle spicy food that well). It will be a great choice for you because, it was not that spicy and taste a little bit of sweet. I can eat this course as many as I wanted too.


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Info about Hyo-Sun:
Located at Lot No.152A, First Floor, The Curve Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Open Daily from 10 AM until 10 PM.
Bookings and enquiries, call directly at 016 332 1448

Last but not least, below are a complete MENU of Hyo-Sun:

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