Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Melbourne Trip #4: Bonding Time & Melbourne Trip Video

Day 6 | 8/7/2016

Technically, this is our last day at Melbourne, and I'm going back to reality (final exam and assignments are waiting), while others are still on break. Here we go.

Queen Victoria Market

This is a must place to visit before going back to your hometown.
Full of awesomeness, and tasty food.
I get to taste their macaroon, and oh God, it was really big macaroon that I can finished it on my own.

It was full of awesomeness, love the market. Go check them out.
Make sure, don't planned to go there on Wednesday because its closed, make sure to check their website for any update.

Cousin House

Our main goal coming to Melbourne is to visit my cousin house, who just migrated from Malaysia to here, and we also planned to celebrate Hari Raya here with them.
But unfortunately something came out and we can't be there on the day of Hari Raya itself. Fret not, I'm thankful that we get to end our journey at their house on the last day!

During the night time, we just walk around the city once again. Before going back home (sad emoticon insert here)

Day 7 | 9/7/2016

In every trip that I have encountered, it was so hard to go back to hometown, which is Malaysia.
Because, we are having fun here and it is really a great opportunity to walk around here.

Aha, before I ended this post.
Of course, I have made a video, and there are two of them.
One is for the helicopter ride and another one is the compilation of the whole trip.
Hope you guys enjoyed watching it.

And, I will try my best to improved in writing and editing about any upcoming trip.
Till then!

P/S: Recommended to watch video in HD mode!

1. 12 Apostles Helicopter Ride (Full Video)

2. Melbourne Trip (Full Video)

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