Monday, December 26, 2016

Made Your Own Pancakes at Slappy Cakes!

I assumed that everyone love food, from local to gourmet, good food are just unavoidable.
But today, instead of eating why not we interact a little bit with our food.

Slappy Cakes. It's a placed where you can make your own pancake!
The most interactive restaurant that I have every been before is Seoul Garden, but this one, it's different.

Do you still remember that one time where art pancake are viral and grabbing everyone attention?
You can be one of the artsy one at Slappy Cakes.

Consist of FOUR flavour of batter to choose from and tonnes of topping such as chocolate, blueberries, peanuts, and of course, syrup!

Batter and toppings!
Let's watched a short video, where I spend my time here at Slappy Cakes!

and here is the steps to make pancakes, the slappy way!
The pancakes actually taste pretty basic and for me, I love chocolate batter more than others. As for buttermilk, usually we get the aftertaste, which is a bit overwhelm for me, so Slappy Cakes buttermilk batter was okay but you can't taste it that much when you mix it with chocolate. Same goes to pandan and peanut.

As for the interactivity. I love the idea.
I didn't have that pancake pan to do this at home all the time, therefore, it was a great experienced and I'm pretty sure all of your children would love it.

No mess will be made, and the pancake taste that not so sweet. Plus, fresh fruit toppings, it was a new good place, for you to experienced it with your children and family!


Other than the pancake, Slappy Cakes also offer varieties of foods. I really meant the variety words. Like a lot.

I get to taste all of stated in the picture, except the egg benedict (sayang nak makan sebab nampak fragile) and dessert because I'm so full with all of the pancake eating.

So far, I didn't have any favourite, but I love lamb and this one menu which attract me with that lamb juice and it is hard for me to resist.

You might be thinking, there is a lot of element in that one platter, well yes it is!
The taste was okay and it was like 50-50, for me.

Combo Set | RM 68
Lamb chop, crumbles fish, grilled chicken chop, french fries, mix salad with fruits, pancakes, chicken sausage.
* Tartar sauce, mustard mint sauce & mushroom sauce

Look at that juicy goodness!
One of the desserts served at Slappy Cakes!

I do enjoy myself here at Slappy Cakes because it was my first time making an art pancakes and get to know that there is another choice besides pancakes. 

Therefore, if you guys wanted to tried making your own pancakes, head down to Slappy Cakes at Sunway Pyramid. Noted that, this is the only branch they have in Kuala Lumpur, their other branch at Publika already closed.

Slappy Cakes
SPWF001, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid West, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
(near The Parenthood, Padini Concept Store)

Business Hours: Monday - Sunday (8.30 AM - 10 PM)

Slappy Cakes open as early as 8.30 AM and provide you with Breakfast Special! Not just that, they also provide you with lunch set too.

For more all this scrumptious goodness, head down to, or visit their social media platform on Facebook & Instagram: /slappycakesmalaysia

Till then, more food entry coming your way!
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