March 2, 2016

Movie Review: Deadpool & Ola Bola

There is this one day which I watched movies back to back, and both of the movies that I decided to watch are this two, Deadpool and Ola Bola. 

Tips: Used your Maybank card and get RM10 movie ticket at TGV. T&C apply.

This both movie are totally different and doesn't have anything in common, especially in language, but I am going to compile to become one post and follow the sequence of movies that I have watched. So, let's go!


One of the most anticipated movie on 2016! The marketing was really on point and capture almost everyone to watch this movie at the cinema. Before the trailer came out, I didn't know about Deadpool at all, once I watch the trailer, it's kind of excite me. 

Honestly, I was not expected actions scene too much because 'it was just the first movie', of course, they want to tell about anti-hero origins first. Without origins, some of us that didn't know about that character will be such a waste because I know the real deal fans know about Deadpool from A to Z. 

My comment on this movie are:

# The movie was really full of swear words, it was fine for me. 
# Their jokes were on point. 
# Ryan Reynolds are the perfect actor for that character, no doubt about that. 
# Breaking the fourth wall character with that attitude was just a fun thing to watched for me.
# The storyline kind of jumpy, it jumps towards another but accordingly.

If someone asked me should I watch this movie? Yes, you should and experience it and tell it to the people because it was not a typical hero movie, it's Deadpool.

Ola Bola

After 'Polis Evo' become a hit, astro shaw came with another which is Ola Bola. This movie is an inspired from a real agenda. 

Out of topic for a while, I didn't agree that this movie was being sued. The person that doing that simply doesn't understand what it meant by 'inspired story'.

My comment on this movie are:
I like all the new actor and actresses
Storylines were really good!
Bront Palarae absolutely entertaining to watch in this movie
Actually, it's kind of bring back to the old time due to their place set
The cinematography was really good especially their training scene which they run on the mountain.

Overall, this is a much watch movie, it was really good and I honestly cried due to proudness (yeah, I'm quite sentimental).

That's all for this simple update, I hope you enjoy reading it! 

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