June 15, 2020


Hello might be used as standard greetings, but for me, it shed lights during my darkest days – when I lost my job during this pandemic happened.

Yeap! When that happened, I also lost myself for a couple of weeks. But, I know I need to get back up and do something with my life. Hence, the rebranding and moved to a better platform - www.aqasnote.com.

The contents will still be the same as here, and some of my post here will be on the new website too! I hope that you guys will continue to support me as always and thank you so much for all the positive comments and sincerely, your click and reading my post, made my day and that's how I made the decision to go full throttle on this. 

I hope I will see you there at Aqa's Note. Stay safe and always be happy. 😊

Love, Aqalili.

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