February 24, 2020

Khaosan World Namba, Osaka Review | Places To Stay

For the first time ever, I've shared rooms with five other female in Osaka, Japan. It has been a dream of mine to experiencing a hostel or capsule hotel. But, since I'm a bit claustrophobic, let's just stay at Khaosan World Namba first.

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili

I booked the hostel from May 12 to May 18, 2019, and the price is RM992.21 (including 10% service charge and 8% tax) for two-person. The six-bed dormitory female only is our accommodation for 7 days 6 night. Let's start with the good things about the hostel first, shall we?

1. Strategic location

There are a lot of restaurants around the area, and Family Mart is a few steps away;; hence, you will not be hungry at all when you staying here. It's also nearby Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street where you can grab some Takoyaki and do some last-minute shopping fix before heading back to your hometown.

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
Can you spot Khaosan World Namba here?

2. Late-night check-in time 

We arrived quite late at night but thank god their check-in time is from 3pm until 2am because we can catch our breath after we went through immigration. I appreciate late-night check-in because it's better to get some rest and start fresh in the morning. Take not check-out time is at 11am.

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
Since it's a shared room, you have to respect other people too.
Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
Bathroom inside the dormitory.

3. Easy access

Khaosan World Namba is either 3 min walk from JR-Namba or 10 min walk from Namba (Nankai). If you took an airport bus, OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal) is just 180m away by walking. For me, the location is easy to access, and it's a good thing for me because I can either uses the JR Pass or IC card.

4. Complete facilities

The hostel facilities are just out of this world. They provide a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, common rooms, kitchen utensils (including microwave, water heater), wifi, hairdryer and others.  

I brought instant sambal sotong and other instant food from my hometown. For me, it's great that the hostel provides all those equipment because we get to eat that sambal goodness in Japan. Food is vital to me, so yeah, this is a plus point.

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
If you need a bigger locker, they can rent it out for you.
Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
Welcome to the underground kitchen!

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili

The disadvantages of Khaosan World Namba

Alright, so the feedback about this stay has been positive, but few things need improvement.  The downside of this hotel, they didn't provide free towels, but you can rent it from them. Then, you need to pay ¥200 to use washing machine (detergent included) and ¥100/20 min for the dryer, which is understandable. 

Wifi connection? Ahhh, my pocket wifi did better. 

Since each dorm provides a private bathroom, you don't have to use the hallway one. Convenient, but it's a little bit narrow. Other good things about the bathroom area are they provide body, hair shampoo, cotton pads and bud.  

But my main concern is about the hostel environment. It was stated that the floor that I'm staying is for female only but, I noticed there are few males roamed around the area which can be a little bit surprising. 

Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
There are two common rooms at the hostel.
Khaosan World Namba Curitan Aqalili
Thank you for the candy!
It was a pleasant experience! I would love to explore more accommodations in Japan.
If you are looking for more private space, especially couples, dorm-style is definitely not your cup of tea. So far, it was a great stay even there are few loopholes here and there. Well, I was fortunate enough that the price is still within my budget. For the complete facilities, it was the best choices so far. I know nothing couldn't beat our home sweet home, but the delightful things about travelling are getting out from our comfort zone. 

Rating for Khaosan World Namba, Osaka (out of 5)


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