May 5, 2019

How We D.I.Y our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!

This is a post where I contemplating a lot to share on my blog, well one because I'm not that open about my personal thing in my life on my blog and two, it's just to avoid any kind of questions. Well, pessimist right? Just precautions. But the more I think, I should just share it because I believe that if you are the person that loves to plan everything on your own and only comfortable to work with your friends, maybe this can give you the guideline.

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
One of my favourite!

Honestly, I'm not too sure how to plan a photoshoot. Then, I encountered this one tweet that said I need to prepare a doc about the timeframe, theme and others that related to the photoshoot. But, of course, the photographer has the freedom to shoot based on his/her creativity. 

At first, we don't want to do a pre-wedding photoshoot but something just hit me, and I felt because we will get married once in my lifetime, so why not. On 14 February 2019, I decided to WhatsApp my bridesmaid, Nuriy Arisa for the help, she said yes, and we did the shoot week after.

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
This is the black theme from Fight For My Way!
That's the first step, the second one is to know what you want in terms of theme. I love K-Drama and minimalist style. So, I want to incorporate both into one photoshoot. Pinterest helps a lot in terms of this. Plus, I can share the board link with my them and it's easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Third, plan. I used this google doc to keep everything on track and to give the vision to Nuriy to make it into a reality. Initially plan is to shoot in Empire Damansara solely but since the guard said that we need a permit to do a photoshoot there, we did 50% shoot there and another 50% at Museum and Art Gallery Bank Negara MalaysiaIt was freedom in Bank Negara, no permit needed just respect that it's a museum. 

Nuriy also provide special edit! You can use it for social media purposes.
Fourth, execution. We can plan all day long, but Allah is the best of planners. This is where my fiance, Nuriy and Ayai (stylist) come together and make it into a reality. For makeup, I did it by myself because I could say I have a complete set and I did for my fiancee too. I just did the powder and some lip balm.

Because I did a WhatsApp group, it easier for me to plan the clothes and lets Ayai decide through the chat group (everything is made digital). He even bought his own clothes to do the second round shoot - dedication!

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
Bank Negara is such a cool place to shoot!

To clarify things up, I paid Nuriy and Azraei for their services, and we even went for lunch and dessert after the shoot, just to treat our self for a great job. I don't have that many friends, to be honest, but when I do, I will appreciate and help them when they needed.

For a bride that looking for a female photographer, you can contact @NuriyArisa for further discussion!

Since a wedding is very personal for everyone, I want to surround myself with people that I believe and stay beside me through thick and thin. Because real friends are hard to find, and we really need to cherish them. With that being said, I'm so thankful having a really patience fiance and great friends! 

pre-wedding photoshoot Curitan Aqalili
Thank you guys for making it become a reality!

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