March 17, 2019

These Product Help To Prevent My Acne: SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Toner & Mist!

Something interesting just pops on my Insta Story, and I asked my friend who invented the product, what it is? It turns out to be a pH skincare product, and it's my first time to discover about Acidic Ionized Water. Thank you, Iqaa Lee, for the opportunity, and if you want to see the before and after picture, please continue reading this blog post!

SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Toner & Mist Curitan Aqalili
pH is a scale of measure from 1 to 14 that tells you how acidic a product is. A neutral pH is 7. Anything lower than 7 is considered acidic while anything higher than 7 is considered alkaline or basic. Your skin is actually naturally more on the acidic side with a pH of 4.2 to 5.6, and remains at this pH to defend itself from bad bacteria, which can multiply in more alkaline conditions. - The Klog, 2017.
pH level is something that I adore learning while I was in high school, it's good to know if the product is too acidic or alkaline for you. I have used this one pH face wash brand before, and it was too drying for me which makes me a little bit sceptical about trying out more of the product based on pH level. But, let just dig in and see the differences.


  • SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Mist
    • pH 6.0
    • Helps to balance your skin pH level
    • Brightens up your skin for quick beauty tune-up
    • Great touch-up for puffy eyes
    • Keep your skin hydrated
    • Makes your skin feel refreshing
  • SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Toner
    • pH 2.5
    • Helps to balance your skin pH
    • Helps to tighten up your skin
    • Makes your skin feels smooth
    • Helps to prevent acne
  • Benefits of Acidic Ionized Water
    • Control the growth of acne-causing by bacteria
    • Helps to slow down the signs of ageing, wrinkles and saggy skin


Both of this product only have Acidic Ionized Water with pH level. It is a minimalist ingredient and easy for me to focus more on telling more about it. The product is produced by machine from Japan technology known as Enagic Japan (2568965), and the process of manufacturing the water is called electrolysis.


  • SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Mist
    • Use as a face mist throughout the day.
  • SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Toner
    • Use day & night after cleansing your skin
    • Pour onto a cotton pad
    • Softly pat it into your acne skin
    • Or you can leave it around 5-10 minutes
    • You can use it twice, three times a week OR every day on acne area only.
  • How to store the products
    • Acidic Ionized Water is sensitive to sun or air, she used a dark bottle to prevent the water from exposed, so the product still saves the functions.


My initial thoughts are I don't put any much high hopes about the products since my acne (due to stress or maybe menstrual) wasn't budging at all. At first, I can feel a bit of burning sensation on my skin, just during the first time of using the product.

But, after a few days, I can see my acne just shrink out one by one. Honestly, I used the toner more than mist, and I put it all over my face. I know I wasn't supposed to that, but that way works for me just because there is acne all over my skin, either tiny bumps or scars or new acne just want to pop out. So, just pat it on your acne area yea!

I cannot deny that the toner works best for me, but I also follow up by moisturising it up since my skin is getting quite tight after using the toner. When there is no acne, I won't be using it since there is no enemy on my skin aka acne.

The mist is okay for me, it does freshen up my skin and it useful when I was feeling sleepy while doing some works. Honestly, I saw more changes in my skin while using the toner. 

If you smell both of the products, the toner is quite dense rather than the mist one which just smells like plain water. Although both of them have different pH level, they have the same functions - to disinfect your skin and balance my skin pH level. I heard it's important to check the pH level in your skincare because if it's too acidic or too alkaline, it may be one the cause to your breakouts. 

So, the final verdict - Yes, I would like to repurchase the toner again because I can see tremendous changes. Mist? Just a maybe, depends on how diligent I am to bring around in my bag.

SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Toner & Mist Curitan Aqalili
Before photos on the upper side.


🛒 SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Toner - 

RM14 (100 ML /3.4 fl oz)

🛒 SPRIN-KLES Refreshing pH Balancing Face Mist - 

RM14 (100 ML /3.4 fl oz)


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I get both of the products from the owner of PLAINBEAUTY.MY and 
I personally trying it out myself which makes the review is 100% my personal opinion. So, make sure to check the ingredients or consult before purchase to avoid any mishap. 😉 
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  1. its good da jumpa products yang help u to prevent acne problem. keep it up =)

    1. Yup! Plus dia ada satu ingredients, Acidic Ionized Water with pH level. Terkejut juga dia berkesan.