July 5, 2018

Where I Buy My Kpop Album in Malaysia?

You might not know, but I kind of obsessed with Kpop and Kdrama and there's a proof for that statement. The proof is when I visit one of Fight For My Way filming location in Busan last year and I bought WINNER Everyday album last month. But, where do I exactly bought it? 

saokpop winner curitan aqalili
Credit: saokpop
I went through hurdle to get this album, well urhm not actually but just confused where can I get it without paying a huge amount of shipping by just buying one album only #cheapskatealert. Plus, I didn't have a credit card to purchase at YG Select (rename from ygeshop) and basically, I just need someone help smooth things up.

That's when Valoa Records come and save the day. I bought the album for RM95 and get a free shipping. For Sabah and Sarawak you need to add a little bit of ka-ching there for postage, but I can assure you it's affordable. An additional fee will be added when you want your poster to roll instead of folded and it depends on your preferences. 

So I got mine folded, fill in the form on their website, get an email of confirmation and paid it on 28th May. Then, the admin just replies my email straight away telling me that they will place my order on 2/6/2018. On 18/6/2018 they inform me that the album has arrived in Malaysia, ship out on the same day and I received in on 21/6/2018.

valoa records curitan aqalili
Who wants to buy Kpop album and get RM5 off?

If you insist on ordering any items from YG Select, check out the tutorial here. But, so far I don't have any problem ordering at Valoa Records, my items arrived in a really good condition and honestly tell you that this is not sponsored. 

I'm just so happy to get the album, plus they're coming to Kuala Lumpur for Everywhere Tour, like YAUSS! For the price that I pay, I think it's worth it because I like the band, the whole song in the album is awesome, I got a photo book, poster, stickers, Mino signature and many more.

If you want to buy any of Kpop album, preorder or ready stock make sure to check out Valoa Records! But if you have any other website or blog shop that I can check it out to buy Kpop merchandise and album, do let me know on the comment down below! #helpyourgirlsout

winner everyday curitan aqalili
The album are in my car, I've heard the full album for a couple of times now.
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  1. suddenly i remembered my younger days where i used to buy CD n stuffs. hihi.. now no more im getting older but i still listen to kpop songs =)

    1. It's okayy! We're still young in hearts, kpop song is getting interesting these days. Dulu selalu beli album siapa?

  2. So basically how much it cost for shipping?. I loves KPOP but #cheapskatealert too

    1. since i'm in semenanjung, i've got free shipping! but if you're in Sabah & Sarawak might need add RM4 or RM5 for shipping~