February 15, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As Beauty Standards

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It hit me so hard when I see all of women or even men follow a trend that we are not supposed too. I personally think that there is no such thing as beauty standards and all of us are just beautiful as it is.

I know-I know its hard to just be yourself, people will start to talk about you and such. But, screw them, its our body and choice is in our hand. As long we are satisfied we are good to go.

1. Love Your Body         
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Body. One of the fashion industry favourite subject. 

We must remember that we are just normal people. Normal people do what normal people do

Don't put to much pressure on yourself to be skinny, instead change your mind set that 'I need to be healthy'.

Don't forget to exercise at least three times a week and not necessarily to spend your time at the gym for it. You can do cardio at home, bring an exercise buddy to make sure you help you focus more.

By the way, be healthy doesn't mean you have to get six pack and muscles, it just enough for you to be fit. Unless you aimed to bringing out some packs on your body, do as you wish.
2. My Skin Colour is Dope!
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Again not blaming on the advertisement but, they are one of the factor that most of us wanted a light skin colour. 

People from every country have their own unique skin colour and there so many aspects took formed for such things. As for example, human that been living in tropical climate tend to have a dark skin colour, and vice versa.

It's nature and God made us perfect as it is. Remember, once you change the nature, you can't go back. 

There are few ways to lighten your skin such as supplements, bleaching and white cream. I realised that in Malaysia, supplements is the legit way to get the light skin tone. Either in form of powder and pill, there are so many brands out there selling 'whitening miracle'.

But, you must know that there will be a side effect after certain period of time.

Honestly, I have gone through such period to get a standard skin tone, but then I realised that I should embraced my own skin tone, I'm not dark and I don't need to be light. We are the colours to the life no matter what.

3. Accept Your Unique Features
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Freckles, big eyes, small eyes, it doesn't matter.

Accept the flaws and work it out to show to the people that 'hell yeah, I love myself and I'm going to make you love me too'. 

For me, Alicia Keys is the best example for this. She owned it and show all the freckles and go bare face, 'au naturel'. If she as a celebrity can have the courage to show in front of whole wide world, why won't we?

Remember, accept the flaws and walk with confident.

Plus, you have other important thing to do rather than dealing with society acceptance.

Such as, achieved something important.

Life is too short and it would be a waste to worrying about things that are not beneficial to us. Enjoy wandering around nature, travelling, or do what you love without any regrets.

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