October 19, 2011

Cerita Telefon Bimbit

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera semua,
Eit, aku sudah rajin update blog la pula? dengan itu marilah dengar kisah telefon bimbitku.

1. Panasonic A100 : 
Aku dapat telefon bimbit ini masa darjah 6. Dikatakan telefon tersebut sangat popular pada tahun 2005. Telefon inilah merupakan telefon pertama aku. Tapi selepas telefon ini dah rosak, akibat jatuh sekali sahaja dan bila orang telefon tak dengar suara. Aku pun buat muka comel dekat ayah aku untuk minta tukar telefon.

2. Panasonic 6103 : 
Masa tingkatan 1 ke berapa, aku sangat meminati telefon jenis 'flip'. Jadi aku beli la telefon ini, tapi tidak bertahan lama sebab keganasan aku terhadap sesuatu benda. Handphone ni memang sudah rosak la. 'Flip' nya pun longgar habis, boleh buat main lagi. Ha, aku ada satu cerita yang aku ingat berkenaan telefon ini. Masa tu aku mengikuti satu perkhemahan, dah la masa tu hujan. Dengan sengajanya, aku keluarkan telefon yang sudah rosak tu, biar dia terkena air. Motifnya, supaya aku dapat telefon baru cepat.

3. LG KS360
Inilah telefon yang paling lama aku pernah guna. Telefon ni banyak berkhidmat terhadapku. Bukan apa, berguna gila telefon ini, boleh 'sms', 'call', tangkap gambar, MP3 dan lain-lain. Senang cerita aku puas gunakan telefon ni, sampai satu masa ni, telefon ni buat masalah dengan aku. Agaknya merajuk sebab sekejap on sekejap off, beralih la aku ke telefon seterusnya.

4. Sony Ericsson K810i

Telefon ni merupakan telefon lama ayah aku. Secara ringkasnya, ayah aku beli telefon baru dan aku pun pakai la telefon ni, sementara beli telefon baru. Tetapi, telefon ni buat hal juga dengan aku, sekejap 'on' sekejap 'off'. Memang menyakitkan hati aku. Disebabkan telefon ni merajuk dengan aku lagi, aku pun beli la 'Nokia 1280' dengan menggunakan duit aku sendiri.

5. Blackberry Bold 3

Aku dapat blackberry ni pada tahun 2011, iaitu tahun sekarang la kan. Lama juga aku tunggu nak dapatkan telefon ni. Ayah aku belikan sempena hadiah SPM. Tapi aku dh tak guna sudah sekarang ni, aku bagi adik aku sebab dia nak sangat menggunakan BB. Lagipun aku tak rasa puas dengan menggunakan telefon ni, disebabkan pemberian orang. Kata orang kalau beli sesuatu dengan menggunakan duit sendiri, baru kita pandai menghargainya sendiri.

6. Nokia 1280

Sekarang aku guna telefon ni. Bagi aku telefon ni la sangat elok. Jatuh berapa kali pun masih boleh guna lagi. Lagipun aku nak masuk Universiti, Insyaallah aku tak mengalami situasi kehilangan telefon bimbit di sana.

Panjang juga cerita telefon bimbit aku ni kan, rasanya boleh terbitkan buku ni. (perasan). Sebelum menutup tirai 'post' ni. Aku hendak beritahu la, aku bukan seorang yang kaya yang sengaja sahaja mahu menukar penggunaan telefon bimbit aku.

Aku adalah seorang yang ganas dalam menggunakan sesuatu benda, dipendekkan cerita telefon yang aku guna semua senang rosak.

Jadi sekarang, aku sedang mengumpul duit untuk beli telefon bimbit baru. Kali ni Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, aku beli sepenuhnya dengan duit simpanan aku. Kalau tidak, aku minta ibu bapa aku 'top up' kan sikit duit.

Telefon yang aku idamkan sekarang ialah sama ada HTC Cha Cha ataupun Blackberry Bold 4. BB 4 tu kasi dia turun harga betul-betul baru aku beli.

Dengan ini, sekian sahaja post kali ini. Oh, pengajaran bagi 'post' kali ini ialah HARGAILAH HARTA BENDA ANDA.


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September 7, 2011


Well, it has been a while don't you think? Without further delay, enjoy reading! :)


        Facebook is an eagle-eye, it takes about a minute, to capture about 1 million people around the world just to sign up. The mastermind behind this successful social network is Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates, and fellow computer students.

        Do you think Facebook is the positive thing that ever happened to us? Well, let’s investigate. 

To keep the call rolling, Facebook is such a useful social network to us. We can contact our relatives and friends by chatting on the Facebook wall or by chat box. Furthermore, Facebook also rises up our communicating skills. Although it’s just a social network site, it brushes up our communicating skill in writing and also our use of language. 

         Have you ever heard a phrase ‘thinking out of the box’? Sure you do. What I mean is you can do something useful in Facebook. It’s not just included ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’ place. What you can do is advertise in Facebook about your business.  For an artist, it keeps in touch with fans but most importantly, you can get to know a person outside your country.

         In contrast of pros are cons. The negative things about Facebook are, it can be so addictive. Most of the teenagers spend a lot of their time on Facebook rather than studying. Moreover, it can cause a cyber bullying. In 14 January 2010, a 15 years old, name Phoebe Prince died. Although the bullying doesn’t start with the social network but it start to spread onto her Facebook wall.

          In addition, is about our own safety. 

Yes, Facebook does give you a choice either to stay private or public but don’t get to comfy. There are a lot of genius out there can hack your profile and get all your information like where did you stay, working and your favourite hang-out places. So, don’t sell out all of your information to social networking, it might harm you.

          Technologies are an important thing in this 20th century. From huge computer with keyboard, now becoming a touch screen LCD, we become more developed. Yes, we are developed but how it takes to protect our luxurious technologies?  We do have a choice and now it depends on our upcoming generation to handle the situation.

January 27, 2011

A Nonsense Story?!

Hey there, can u see the title up there?
I'm sure you can, basically this is not a long post,
I just want to post a video of my own song
entitle 'A Nonsense Story'

Here's the lyrics for sing along!

A Nonsense Story:
All of this is just a dream / That I want it to be / And I want it so much / Till I'm shivering / You like her so much / Well i'm nothing for you Oh, i can't stop you / From falling love to her
(to her)

I wish we had a good time together / Till i fall in love with you / Till i fall in love with you,
(repeat 2x)

Oh i can't deny,
my heart will beat fast,
when i saw you,
in front of me,
i just screams out loud,
(Loud loud)
Till i fallin down,
till i fallin down
We meet when i look terrible 
in front of you
oh it's so embarrassing,
and you know that it's true,
and then we meet again and again,
i was so thrill,
till i always stare at you,
like nothing around me,
(chorus) repeat 2x.
2011 dorkdiary Copyright! :)
Enjoy! :) XXDORKXX

January 25, 2011


 I used to write a short stories almost every month last year,
to increase my writing in English. So here is it, BLACKOUT :

“You can buy these cheap cosmetics at any store......," the TV sounds.
She’s still watching and hoping that she can watch the story about cosmetics until the end. But....................

"Boosh," sounds one of the light at the living room, something seems to be smashed.
"Sis, what’s happening here,” said Alice, my younger sister.
"Nothing, it’s just a blackout. Lighting and thunderstorm," I replied
"Oh, great, now I can't sleep," Alice say with a sigh.

But still, it’s really dark, 
I don't think at that time it couldn’t be 6.00 o'clock but it is.
Dark, like it's already midnight.
It’s spooky but I've got to be brave for this, because there's only me and my younger sister.

"Damn, it's hot here," Alice complained.
"Haiya, can’t you stop complaining, it only going to be for a while only," I replied
But, there's a loud noise which followed with a flash of lightning.
"Now, I'm afraid," says Alice, scared.
"Relax, I'm here, let's get some matches and light those candles,” says me.

While Alice put on some lights, I was still searching for the torchlight,
but then my phone rang, i didn't take it because of the lightning,
I don't want to be a victim, it was just a  precaution.
Stay away from the cell phone,
but  Alice  and me was still in danger  because my house was full of electronic equipments.
Everything, PS2, PS3, X-BOX and my lovely equipment, my home studio with all the keyboards.

"Hah.., I can't let all of them ruined, It took 2 years to buy the complete equipment," sigh me.
"Sis, already done! I’ve already lit 10 candles," Alice said
I was so shocked, because of the 10 candles. You know how dangerous it will be,
"10 candles? You’ve got to be kidding? ," I shouted while I took a step to go to the living room.
Then, my face went   really red... "GOTCHA!, am I  an idiot to put on the lights of 10 candles?," Alice pranked me.

She laughed loudly... but laughing just for a while.
Then she said” Do you hear that voice?," asked Alice
"OK, now you going to play PRANK again yeah?," says me loudly.
"No, I'm not lying, come follow me," Alice said.

Step by step I followed Alice, I felt very cold.
"HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!," Alice started screaming.
I ran, and I was so scared because i thought i was behind her.
"WHERE ARE YOU?," ask me shouting,  so Alice can hear me.
But seriously no sound, 
from this moment on, I freaked.
The lighting was still coming, luckily i kept my cell phone and pen knife in my pocket

I searched for Alice from one room to another 
"where are you Alice!," I shouted, nervous.
"BOOM!," I heard a sniper shot.
I look down, but there's was no one to be seen.
I opened my eyes widely, it's not a sniper shot but lighting

I still had time for a joke "How stupid I am," says me.
I kept searching, I almost gave up, but not about my younger sister,
I want her now, she is  the only one that I've got right now,
Yes , I've a family but our mom and dad always fly,  for business
We always stick together.
Then I opened the door slowly "AHHHHHHHH! ," I screamed.

I saw Alice body and head laying down,
the legs, hand and others parts of the body, gone!
I'm freaking out right now, 
bravely I started to run and get out from the house.

"Oh my god!," I'm shivering  and the cell phone that in my pocket vibrated.
I ran, with a thunderstorm and lightning still heavy
I've no idea what I'm going to do,

I tried calling, but the phone answered
"Your service is not available," 

then I heard a sound of a car,
"Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom," the car warming up.
It’s like the car getting ready to hit me.
I look at the back, but no car was there,
I closed my ears, eyes and shouted "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
When I opened  my eyes,  i felt somebody stabbing me,
I touched my body between my hips and my navel

I felt blood starting to flow profusely
I looked at the back but there was only one person that i know,
She laughed in front of me with a crazy look on her face.
"How could you," says me while pressing the blood from flowing.
"Yes, I could," say Alice.
"But why?," ask me.
"Ask mom and dad, although they always go there and there for business but 
they still want to talk to you rather than me," said Alice.
"But......," before I could finish my words I fainted.

I open my eyes and
I'm in a bed full of hospital equipment,
I do not know it was a dream or reality,
"Hey sister," Alice smiling still hold the knife full of blood.

Till then :) XXDORKXX


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