June 13, 2018 Perth WA, Australia

Looking for Corell & Tim Tam in Perth? I Got Your Back!

3 month ago, I went to Perth and it was great! Although I was driving again, it wasn't as rushed as I did in Jeju last year. This was more like a go with a flow trip and that's why I made this post because I shop A LOT! Here are 5 places that I keep coming back to shops 😘

perth city murray street curitan aqalili
Murray Street in an early morning
I didn't realize we shop a lot until we have pack all things up. As you can see in the title, yeap it's a Corell haul! My mom main mission when visiting Perth is to buy Corell, even her friend given her tips and she also did some research on her own. So, yeap that's why we have upgraded our baggage... (psst, my brother and I also the cause of it)

1. Big W Belmont

I still remember on the first day we didn't have any plan at all! So, after taking a break for a while, we spend time for the whole day at Big W Belmont and Woolworths. The main reason to be here at Big W Belmont is Corell, which was said to be affordable (AUD89.00-ish) and tons of choices available.

I don't know about dishware but I heard that it won't break and I think that's awesome. Basically, I just wait and look at how my mom and younger brother discuss which one to buy. If that makes my mom happy, it's good enough. Plus, the parking is free.

#ProTip: Instead of putting on my luggage and check in, I bring it as carry-on. If you insist to check in, make sure to fill in space with clothes, wrap it and put the fragile sticker.

For more info: Big W Belmont
Address: Abernethy & Wright Streets, Cloverdale, WA 6105.
Opening Hours: Mon (8:00AM-6:00PM), Tue - Thur (8:00AM-9:00PM), Sat (8:00AM-5:00PM), Sun (11:00AM-5:00PM)
How to get there: Google Map

2. Woolworths Harrisdale

I tell you that this place, it is a heaven for me because I can drink Dare and Chill Milk almost every day. I'm so happy because it's walk distance between The Fawzi Muslim Homestay and the store. If you want to book the stay, click Airbnb to get RM120 travel credit!

By the way, if you want to buy Tim Tam this is your place because we bought every flavor that we can get. We talk about original, dark or white chocolate, caramel and so many more. At least one each and you can't imagine how pack our luggage is. Plus, they were SALE where we can get it for like an affordable price.

woolworths dare jelly babies tim tam curitan aqalili
Look at that Tim Tam rack!
For more info: Big W Belmont
Address: Abernethy & Wright Streets, Cloverdale, WA 6105.
Opening Hours: Mon (8:00AM-6:00PM), Tue - Thur (8:00AM-9:00PM), Sat (8:00AM-5:00PM), Sun (11:00AM-5:00PM)
How to get there: Google Map

3. Lush Murray Street

We've covered suburb area and now it's time to head to the city! Lush is like a must place to go because there aren't any in Malaysia and we need to stock up some products. Plus, I heard that it's better to buy in Australia because it was a bit cheaper than Singapore. Or I would say worth the money.

I would recommend asking the staff what do you need and they will help you thoroughly. Btw, once in a while, I'll be a personal shopper and that was like, the best thing ever. Why? Because my luggage and room will smell like a Lush store. 😆

lush perth murray street curitan aqalili

For more info: Lush Murray Street
Address: 183 Murray Street, Western Australia, Perth 6000
Opening Hours: Mon - Thur (9:00AM - 5:30PM) , Fri - Sat (9:00AM - 5:00PM) , Sun (11:00AM - 5:00PM)
How to get there: Google Map

4. Cheep Store Hay Street

I got a very good deal of clothes from here and I was really happy to find this store in Fremantle first. So, in total, I bought 3 clothes and 1 velvet pants for AUD20 (RM60) only. The quality is really good and the clothes are in trend.

This clothing store is based in Perth and I'm quite sad because they didn't do international shipping. I think I like the store because it fits my style and got that vintage, stylish and comfortable vibe. Seriously, they sell it really CHEEP and the clothes have been personally chosen from small family run factories in Bangkok, Thailand.
cheep store hay street perth curitan aqalili
Their ground floor are full of sale items!  
For more info: Cheep Store, Hay Street
Address: 709 Hay Street Mall, Perth City
Opening Hours: Mon - Thur (10:30AM - 5:30PM) , Fri (10:30AM - 9:00PM) , Sat (10:00AM - 5:00PM) , Sun (11:00AM - 5:00PM)
How to get there: Google Map

5. Watertown Brand Outlet

Have you been to Genting Highlands Premium Outlet (GPO) and any related to that? Well, imagine that in Watertown, the environment is exactly the same. I remember that we went there two times because on the first day we arrived a bit late, they almost closed the shops.

Then, on the second day, we just bought the stuff that we want. I bought Fila shoe for RM120 which affordable and comfortable. Besides that, they have Fossil, Typo, and Halal food as well!
watertown perth fila curitan aqalili
New kicks from Fila! It's really comfortable to walk with
For more info: Watertown Brand Outlet
Address: 840 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia
Opening Hours: Mon - Thur (9:00AM - 5:30PM) , Fri (9:00AM - 9:00PM) , Sat (9:00AM - 5:00PM) , Sun (11:00AM - 5:00PM)
How to get there: Google Map

There are tons of place to shop in Perth and I talk about Target, Crumpler, Dotti and Cotton On. But make sure to plan accordingly because most of the shops closed at 5:00PM, so do take note that! Plus, most of them are located in Hay and Murray Street, I suggest you go there during the weekend so you can park for whole day at $10 only!

Rottnest island quokka perth curitan aqalili
Let's meet quokka in my next post! 😙

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